The fundamental goal of art is to convey meaning and express important ideas, revealing what is significant to every society. Art is as varied as the life from which it springs and each artist portrays different aspects of the world they know.It may be said that artists do their work to discover truth and create order.The ancient artists made discoveries about the wonders and beauty of nature and the dignity and nobility of man.They gave these concepts an order to help us understand life in a greater depth.In understanding the history and style of any period of art, we have to understand the balance between social and political development of that particular era.Within each period development of style is affected by a response to particular philosophies, social and economic conditions, political and spiritual influence. Yet when observed closely, you can find many common threads within each period.
The contributions of the Ancient Greeks as influenced by the Egyptians are perhaps the most influential in art history.I would like to compare some of the aspects of this time. The historical perspectives were different.The Egyptians was death and afterlife.The Greeks were Humanism and Idealism and later Realism.
What emerged from the Archaic Period are sculptures that can definitely be identified with the Greek peoples, even though most influences can be traced to Egypt.( “Lady of Auxerre” Kore figure: detail, head and torso.ca. 640-630 B.C.)Greek sculpture owes a lot to the Egyptians.During this time, however, we begin to see an emerging Greek artistic identity. This new identity rapidly advances over 400 years into a defined visual language concentrated on the expression of natural perfection in the human form. The Greeks were committed to the human body
There are two general terms given to the statues of Greece during the Archaic Period. The female statues are referred to as Kore, which means maiden, and the …

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