People in the whole wide world, including myself, they have experienced art once in their lifetime. Everybody experienced art, therefore most of people think that art is near human life. Humans are thinking that art is very simple and easy however, what if we say “Knowledge is generated through the creation of art? ” Art is not simple as we think. “Knowledge is derived in and through aesthetic experience or more modestly that knowledge can be derived in and through aesthetic experience”(John Ryder). When people create art, they have to understand it and during that process people found knowledge.

Knowledge definitely generated through the creation of art. Art is one of the deepest and esoteric subjects. Everything we learn, mathematics, science, language, emotion, history, ethics and perceptions are all related to the art. Before explaining about knowledge and art, what is art? “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth- at least the truth that is given to understand” (Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973). Humans derive enormous pleasure from the arts. To be something as work of art, artists must contain their intentions which can evoke aesthetic response from the audience, quality of the art work.

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Mostly artist want to communicate with audience by art pieces. For example, Vincent van Gogh didn’t draw “Sunflower” just because of beauty. He drew “Sunflower” to express his feeling and emotion also he wants to communicate with audience who are interested with his art pieces. “Sunflower” contains several hidden meanings like the he used color of yellow to represent “enthusiasm”. He tried to put himself as sunflower. Sunflowers always follow the sun, because of those characteristics he wanted to show his characteristics with “Sunflower”.

Like Vincent van Gogh, artist tired to put their intentions into the art to communicate and express their feelings. By art, Van Gogh’s sunflower send knowledge and message to people. Art do communicate information and understanding and also it could be subjective. Art of one form or another can be found in all cultures, and the desire to make aesthetically pleasing objects seems to be universal (Lagemaat). 2 Points that need to be addressed in essay: According to Theodor Adorno, “Art is a form of knowledge”. His quote implies that art can convey and generate knowledge to people.

As a source of transmitting knowledge, arts depict greatest insights into human natures, experiences, activities and even functions. Arts also demonstrate equivalence between creativity and discipline. Thus, a study of arts helps us to comprehend meaningful experiences as well as human conditions. As far as I am concerned, creation of art generates knowledge which can be used beneficially for humans, even though there are unavoidable limitations. In this essay, I will talk about three aspects of arts and their restrictions.

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