Well in Parker's Back, when Parker goes to the tattoos artist and the tattooist told him why he wanted that certain tattoo on his back.He then went on the ask Parker if he was saved and got religion.This is kind of an exaggeration.In a tattoo place, I don't think that they would ask this before you got a tattoo.They just do the design and get the money.Parker goes on to state that he married women that were saved.This is kind distortion a little bit.What does he actually mean by this?I interpret this that she was saved by the Lord and that she was kind of an angel or something to him.In the story Parker's Back he is on a tractor and it crashes on it is upside down next to a tree and burst into flames.This area is when he begins to sit and watch himself quickly become part of the fire.I think at this time he really is looking at the fact that the Lord is there with him and is trying to help him.During this time, the concept of baptism is really not a factor.He is just talking about the fact of the Lord and how he feels saved by him.In the end of the story, he sits there and lets his wife Sarah beat him with a broom until he is almost completely senseless.I think that this is kind of a distortion or is totally wrong.Someone just does not sit there and let someone actually hit them with a broom and not self defending themselves.It goes on to say that he was to stunned to resist her hitting him.Well I think that if she goes and goes on without him doing anything to stop her, obviously he will be in this state of mind.This story was very different and interesting to read.I felt that after I read it, I find that I disagree with him when he says that baptism is a meaningless rite.I think that when you go and get baptized, it is very sacred and that means a lot to me.This as well should mean a lot to the people that get baptized as well.They should not just feel that it is just a mea…

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