I chose to view Toby Kahn's work called Correspondence.Before I went to see the picture I was imagining something colorful, with a lot of red tones to it.I thought it would stress to the knowledge of understanding and communicating. This piece art was very interesting because it is so simply designed that it difficult to understand what the picture is actually about.When Ifirst saw this picture I was upset because I could not understand it at all.I felt like it was just two colors and had no meaning.I looked at it for a rather long time, using my imagination to find some a theme or something in the picture.This picture definitely takes a lot of imagination, because I asked people what they thought it was and every time I got a different answer, none of which I saw in the artwork.
I finally came to two different decisions about this painting.Thefirst was that all of the white spots are fingertips and the white spot at the bottom is a thumb, which were all reaching in toward the center trying to grab something.My second conclusion take place in a forest where the white spot at the bottom is a house and the rest of the white spots are the tiny cracks of sunlight that are poking in between the trees.Although these suggestions are probably not what the painting is about, it just proves that art is unpredictable and requires an imagination.

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