Counter Argument:well I would like to have my phone to be allowed in school.Hook: THat you should be able to bring your phone or something in without asking. Claim Devices should be allowed in schools. Bringing your own device to save money.They give things to do for free time. Devices are good for communication. Reason”They said that, its a cost effective way to save money on technology”.Basically what I think they are saying is that money can help with our technology it can help us learn more stuff.Schools would have to buy phones for people who don’t have one. They would have to get them the phones because you could use your phones for technology. It said if someone was too call you or text you or if you want to play a game for free time. Like if your mother or father calls or text you and if we are not doing anything and we can play on are phone. What I mean is there are apps out there that are educational for us to have in school.There were over 80,000 educational apps available in the app store.Since they are educational apps we can play them in the classroom or we can use them to help usThere are many educational apps available in a wide range of subjects for all kinds of learners.  Communication:It said that smartphones are intuitive and they are a tool use by teens.I think it means that it encourage teens wich means that teenagers like using smartphones .:Encourage playful competition among your students while enhancing the way they learn new ideas.I think this one mean like the way students communicate in different ways.smartphones can allow students to work in groups on projects, sharing information and discoveries. like we can work in groups and look up information on our phonesCounter Argument:well I would like to have my phone to be allowed in school.Devices shouldn’t be allowed in school Devices SHOULD be allowed in school They don’t want phones, ipads in school we may say we do want them in school because they can actually help us learn in stuff like that.Any device should be allowed in schools.Bring your own devices so it can help save money2.there educational games can help us 3.you can communicate with your parentsSomething to think about: Well, we can Have them in school now right.

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