Creating objects from imagination is the core idea that 3DP and AM have brought to the world of manufacturing. These modes of manufacturing have seen colossal growth over the past few years, thanks to the number of applications these two have. As the needs of the industry grow, so does the applicability of AM. The manufacturing sector has seen its technologies shift toward the concept of Industry 4,0 and AM is at the very crux of this notion.For example, AM technologies like 3DP can be used to produce structures as big as hotels or villas, and objects as complex as human organs, such as livers and kidneys 65,5. It can also be used to print bone tissue scaffolds, with features in a range of a few micrometres 2. More recently, it was seen that the use of meta-materials in printing enables printing of complex mechanisms, such as pliers and door handles without the need for screws, nuts and bolts. With 3DP growing at the speed it is now, it can be said without a doubt that the technology can change the world of manufacturing forever. One of the industries that have recently received a helping hand from technology is the construction industry, which has, for long, been behind in catching up with recent developments in technology.3DP has been developed to be used in construction, by printing structures using computer controls. At the moment, the idea is being adapted and developed for commercial construction the world over.This work is also part of a project by the Technical University of Liberec to build and develop a 3D printer for concrete printing, with the collaboration of the departments of Architecture, Production Machines and Mechatronics from the university. With the department of architecture producing the concrete and the department of mechatronics designing the controller, the printing head is to be designed by the department of Production systems and automation.

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