Justification for use of Creative Drama in the Classroom
Communicating ideas and opinions stands tantamount as the one skill that all human beings must do well to succeed in their lives. We must talk openly and honestly to convey whom we are, and what we want. And we must listen to understand who others are and what they want as well.
For real learning is joyful. Learning, and more importantly, collaborating in the learning experience, is an invitation to pure excitement and exhilaration. Schooling should be a coming together for creative worthwhile purposes that can extend human experiences. Part of the richness of children’s lives is their play, including language play. If we make room for it in our classrooms by implementing Creative Drama we can help students use this skill to recognize, think about, and comment on their world.
The teaching job is compounded, though, when life’s inconsistencies plague us. Kids refuse to do assignments. Parents badmouth programs. Administrators overlook successes. In understanding those frustrations teachers must be their strongest advocates. We should celebrate our triumphs, and promote our needs. We must meet and greet the public and wrestle openly and honestly about our accomplishments and goals.Teachers win when we are forceful and dynamic change agents.
Young people must learn how to speak on their feet. They must know how to communicate effectively and to present a positive image. And teachers, above all, should exemplify the very best educational practices to accomplish this necessary goal. Good teaching is defined by good communication skills. Better teachers know what to say and when to say it. They have a “sixth sense” about the appropriateness of their remarks and are able to articulate their intuitive understandings with clarity and, often, humor. Their strength is in their ability to cross cultural divides by including everyone in their conversations.
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