This could be one of my final entries in to this beloved document which records my life for this year and you will find out as you read through this entry. I HAVE HAD THE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST DAY OF MY YOUNG LIFE AND UNFRUITFUL LIFE. My “lovely” husband Mr Bounderby found out about my secret affair with Mr Blackpool. I do not know still why that I got involved with Stephen. This probably because we found love in each other after our terrible relationship with our partners.

Stephens’s wife was and still is a drunk who did not treat him as well as he was deserved to be treated and I just plain did not like my husband and he just has me for the sake of having a wife. So he (Stephen Blackpool) got kicked out of his house when we met. I was out with my friends and in the way to the park we saw each other and I knew from then on that we were right for each other. From that point three months ago we started our great and loving and fulfilling relationship. I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE MR BOUNDERBY FOUND OUT. HE JUST HAD TO COME BACK EARLY WHILE ME AND STEPHAN WAS IN THE FLIPPING HOUSE.

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If only we decided to meet somewhere else, we might have had a longer relationship. BUT NO, MR BOUNDERBY HAD TO COME AND RUIN IT FOR ALL OF US!! The relation whom I had with Mr Bounderby before this was not good; this just made our relationship even worse. Well now I think about our relationship did not start on the right foot any way. My father the gracious father Mr Gradgrind made me marry him, I did not really want to marry him because first of all he is more than 30 years older than I am, think of what that does to my status among my friends.

Also because I feel he is such a dictator in the way in which he thinks and he imposes his thought and feeling upon others. Not giving other people chance to think for there selves. I think I have started to come round to his utalitarism way of thinking. Believing only in facts and figures not interested in beautiful and things which can not be explained in a logical and fact filled way. I did not want to be like him, I wanted to remain an individual and not turn into a mini Bounderby. Another reason to why I did not want marry him was because I did not want to get married at the age which I was at when I did.

I was way to young and he was way!!!!!!!!!!!! To old for such a free and happy spirit like myself. I also wanted to marry someone who was roughly the same age and with the same like as me and same interests so that we would get on better, not to someone who is a dictator such as Mr Bounderby. Now I am just blabbering on now. Back to today. As soon as Mr Bounderby found out he called my father and he was so made he marched down to the house and gave me a SEVERE telling of and as soon as he went I received something from Mr Bounderby that I did not expect to receive from any one let alone a 50 year old man.

He gave me a serious beating and rough slaps. I have got blisters and scars all over my body. Now you might not believe this but Mr Bounderby has a dark side which no body and I mean nobody sees apart from me. He was really angry and this just kept on happening until he got tired. I am so scared that I am actually writing this entry in the closet under the stairs and I have locked my self in so even if he wants to hit me some more he will not be able to reach me unless he breaks down the door. (This I sincerely doubt very much what with him being such a weak and feeble old man who can’t even eat without assistance).

You want to know who I blame for this. I blame my precious father Mr Gradgrind. It was his entire fault. I could have married the man of my dreams and lived a happy and rich life but no he made me marry him of all men. He only wanted me to marry Bounderby so that he could have a higher status than he has now and also he wanted to be a bit more better off than he was. He nipped me in my prime and ruined my whole life. If you are reading this dad then let this be know. I HATE YOU FATHER FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAS AND IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO ME.

As a result of this situation I am in I am considering suicide and this time I am deadly SERIOUS! Not like the other few times, this time I am really going to do it. I can not stand any more of these awful savage beating which he gives me. My scars are still throbbing as it happened just now. It is painful beyond belief. I am afraid that the blister which I have from him beating me with a ruler may have got infected because I have not had time to treat it, this may be because I am too afraid to leave the house to get treatment in sense of the new situation.

If I go out I get beaten and that is something which I want not to happen again. SO GOODBYE HURTFUL AND PAINFUL AND MISERABLE LIFE. I HAT E YOU BOUNDERBY AND ALSO YOU FATHER MR GRADGRIND! JUST REMEMBER YOU HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME FOR ALL OF THIS! Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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