Our Town is a play we watched in drama class.It’s a pretty boring account of the lives of some people in the early 1900’s.Their does not seem to be any plot to it, and all i know is that some teenage neighbors get married and then the wife dies.
They use pantomime for everything in this play, and it was rather annoying.It made it seem like I was wathcing some low-budget b-film.I’ve seen better things come from high school acting groups.They used minimal scenery, and there were not many props used either.
There are only two reasons that I can think of about why the writer would not use props in this show.Thefirst is that they were tight on cash.While this seems like a good choice, I think the real reason is that this Wilder guy was trying to be artistic.It didn’t work.Like I said before, I’ve seen better shows put on by kids.
The use of pantomime didn’t do anything for me except distract my attention away from the action.I think this is mostly because I had to keep trying to figure out what the heck the actors were doing.If they would have just used props, this play might have been mopre enjoyable.Also, getting some better actors, who talked slow enough to comprehend what they were saying, and who actually ACTED, would have helped immensly.
The play Our Town is a poorly thrown together attempt at acting.I hope you enjoyed making fun of it as much as I did.I’d rather watch paint dry all day than watch this boring thing again.That’s my opinion…don’t dis’ it!

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