On September 11, 2001 our world became united due to tragic events that occurred in the United States.No one really understands why these events took place, but Louis Jaramillo tried to further explain his thoughts in an emotional, creative, visual form.
In Louis's thought provoking piece he exemplifies primary, secondary, and complementary colors.He provides line, value, and overlapping.
The explosion of many colors used in the piece each illustrates a very important meaning, which to me represents the implosion of the twin towers.A large portion of the piece is red, which relates to the massive amount of bloodshed during the September 11 attacks.In addition to the red there are many other colors following a circular pattern around the piece.These colors each represent their own individuality as a country, but as the colors blend together they signify unification. These colors represent the many nations involved in the uniting of our world.
In the center of the piece there are two very distinct objects.One of the objects appears to resemble a circular drawing that allows the piece to continue the circular flow, just as the world would.The other object signifies the writings of a foreign language, which represents the terrorists.
It is art like Louis Jaramillo that make us reflect on the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001.It stirred the emotions of sadness as well as love for a country were people pull together and become one in a time of tragedy.

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