When I viewed "Silver Cords" I was overwhelmed by the talent I saw on stage and behind the scenes.The amount of talent and work that goes into such a masterpiece must be very time consuming and I believe spectators must have very good patients to put up with so many different views and attitudes.I am sure there were a few disagreements but on stage it looked like everyone worked together with a lot of rhythm and teamwork.
I was overwhelmed with how much alike some of the plays are with myself and my parents.As I grew up I was the "stubborn one" of the family and what I thought was the brunt of the punishment was really just what I deserved.Even though my parents and I would disagree very often we always knew they would be there for me.A lot of what Shakespeare does puts emphasis on the family.He acknowledged the real life and fit it in with his plays.The "Silver Cords" in life are very similar in that no matter what it is, your parents all always there for you.Even though Shakespeare's plays were done 400 years ago they're very similar in what goes on in today's society.I believe "Silver Cords" in a short definition means love.The love displayed between me and my parents is a unique sense of feeling.The way everyone moved around during scene shifts and the movement of the "silver cords" shows the production of teamwork that is related to Shakespeare and such family ties.
Another aspect I noticed which was very interesting was the costumes.The costume designer did a very good job in picking the different costumes for each scene.The consensual dressing in all black while not in the play shows some sorts of silver cords to me.Everyone sticking together and having some kind of togetherness was a good idea.When it comes to mind there's only one thing I may have done a little different.Instead of all the people not in the scene wea…

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