Dreams are very important in this story because, the dreams give the people hope and something that keeps them going each day. Many people on the ranch have some sort of dreams. George, Lennie, Crooks and Candy had the dream of establishing a farm but for very different reasons; George wanted the farm in order to be in control of his own life and to stop migrating and looking for jobs, but the main reason George wanted the farm was to prevent Lennie from getting into trouble, Lennie wanted the farm to be able to stroke and tend to soft animals like rabbits.

Candy wanted the farm because he was getting old and he felt he was going to lose his job on the ranch, Crooks wanted the farm so he would not have to be a victim of racism and also he won’t be lonely and will always have someone to talk to, and lastly, Curleys wife wants to be an actress so she get away from the boring life she is living on the ranch. Dreams are important to these people because it establishes within them a sense of security as well as something to live up to. The cultural/social context of the book determined the dreams of these people.

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The book was written in America in the 1930’s meaning it took place during the economic depression (Wall Street crash). A lot of people were put out of jobs and were forced to look for jobs elsewhere causing them to migrate from their homes and families (George and Lennie). The American dream (this is that everyone can just become something by just starting off with something very small) also encouraged people to have dreams because they believed that if they have the right resources, they could start their own farm/ranch.

Racism was prevalent in the 1930’s, meaning that the black people were treated like slaves and were isolated from the rest of the group of workers and if they got the jobs on the ranch, it might be the worst job on the ranch. Women in the 1930’s were treated like second-class citizens (not allowed to vote or look for jobs). They had no-one to talk to and felt very lonely. At this time, cinemas had become very popular in America. People with normal quiet lives believed that they could become actors/actresses and believed everything people told them about their acting.

America was not fully developed at the time and had a lot of free land/landscape. A lot of people might see the land and start working towards owning the land. That piece of land becomes their dream. George and Lennie are perhaps the most important characters in the book because it is from them that we notice the relevance of dreams to people in the time. George (when compared to Lennie) was a small man. He had restless eyes and was looking everywhere “… was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes…

” he did not trust anyone he worked with. George was Lennie’s friend. He has been taking care of Lennie since his Aunt Clara died. “When his Aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out workin’. ” Lennie on the other hand is handicapped (he has the mind of a child). He is very strong “… strong as a bull” and he does not know the limit of his strength. He likes soft things (the problem they had at weed causing them to lose their jobs and one of the causes of his death).

The dreams of George and Lennie are almost the same because they both want a farm but they do not want it for the same reason; George wants the dream to keep Lennie from getting into trouble and getting himself and George killed. He also wants the farm so he would have to stop moving around to look for jobs. “An it’d be our own, an’ nobody could can us … ” Lennie, on the other hand, wanted the farm so he could tend the rabbits. “An’ have the rabbits… we’re gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages…

” His continuous mention of rabbits gives the idea that his only care is for soft things (rabbits and puppies). Each dream is important to them because it gives them an understanding because they have come together to do the same thing and it provides George with the power to take care of Lennie and watch everything that he is doing so he doesn’t get into trouble. The fact that Lennie is always getting them into trouble and George always has to make things right for them “So I comes running, an’ by that time Lennie’s got scared…

I socked him over the head with a fence picket to make him let go… “this makes George want to establish the farm so he could keep Lennie in a safe place, where he wouldn’t get harmed. Candy is another character in the book that helps us to understand the importance of dreams. He is old and has lost a hand. He has just witnessed the death of his dog (a life long friend) and feels he would soon be sacked from the ranch because he is not useful “When they can me here I wisht somebody’d shoot me… I won’t have no place to go, an’ I can’t get no more jobs…

” He wants the farm because he knows there; he will not be able to get sacked because he is old and crippled. He gets involved in the dream of George and Lennie by giving them his money that he had been saving from his injury and his savings (monthly wages). “… they give me two hundred an’ fifty dollars cos’ of my hand. An’ I have got fifty more saved right up in the bank… fifty more comin’ the end a the month. ” He also offers to give George and Lennie the money after he dies, “I’d make a will an’ leave my share to you guys in case I kick off… ” he knows this is an offer that George cannot refuse.

Towards the end of the book when Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife, we find out that the dream meant a lot to Candy. The only way of him escaping from the ranch had been tarnished and destroyed because of Curley’s wife. He blamed everything on her, “You done it, di’n’t u? I s’pose you’re glad. Ever’body knowed you’d mess things up. You wasn’t no good… ” Candy is very sad and feels he should be killed to. Crooks’ is another man who shared the farm dream for a certain time. At first, he isn’t convinced that George, Lennie and Candy could fulfil the dream.

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