Setting: (The scene opens with Elizabeth and John alone in the cell. Elizabeth has been sent to plea with John so that he will confess and save his life. The cell is lit by the light coming from the rising of the sun through the cold metal bars. The cold morning symbolizes the shivering events that are about to unfold. Both, dressed in rags and looking rather weak. Extremely heavy handcuffs chain both of their wrists together. Elizabeth and John are sitting on a bench holding each other's hands, staring into each other's eyes. Elizabeth is now three months pregnant, very tired, dirty, and weak. John has grown out a long beard and the only thing keeping him warm at night were the thoughts of his unborn child and loving wife. John begins to speak but Elizabeth cuts him off before he could say a word. She is speaking in a very quite and fragile voice, it seems as though every word is a struggle.)
Elizabeth: Oh dearest John, how I have longed to see thee these 3 months past. I have dreamt and prayed for the chance to see thee once more. The nights have been long and cold without thee, the days lonely and sad. I beggeth of thee to confess John. I have gotten word that thou are to be hanged after sunrise. I have been sent to thee as final attempt to plea with thou to save thou life, to save our life together. (She stands up and paces around herself then stops)I am yet six month before my time, and I cannot imagine raising this child without thee. I am aware that if your life is spared by your confession that we will have a lot to work on, but I love thee John. Thou knowest just as well as I know that neither of us deserve to be in here and the town is with us as well. (Elizabeth walks over towards the cell door and leans against it, speaking in a more calm voice) There has been word that the town is speaking of rebellion against the court. The entire town realizes that all of the accusations made from each of the girls, were fr…

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