This essay is based on many of my own observations and does not reflect the opionions of any particular person/persons, organization, group,etc.This essay was created from personal introspection and by observing different forms of mediaI lead a discussion group for preparation of this review. The group focused on cultural expectations and the media and discussed an overview of media influence.The focus of the group's discussion was that media uses specific gender roles and stereotypes in an attempt to persuade the public to accept their beliefs.The main idea behind the group discussion was that forms of media such as television and print display various meanings and images that are directed to specifics groups in society. The group's discussion generally focused on the advertisements, T.V. shows, music, and print material such as books and magazines that targeted men and women. The argument that the group stressed was that media uses symbolism and "underlying motives" to convey messages, sell products, and create idealistic settings that are stereotypically misleading and untrue.
As a group, we had a collarborative effort.Each question allowed the group to explore the aspects of gender stereotypes in different ways. Miriam White's article about gender roles and the fishery. The most important idea that we gained from White's article is that stereotypes of women have existed for many years in Newfoundland due to government and industry involvement in the fishery.Men were the providers and the women stayed home and took care of the household.Modernization of the fishery segregated women as governments tried to keep men fishing and women onshore in the fish plants.Actually, the government and fishing industry saw women as a "consumers" instead of individuals that were capable of successfully providing for their family. White's article mentions advertisements.This was a f…

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