Year 10 students are set out to go on a 2-week work experience. The idea of work experience is that it is to show students/teenagers how work really is. During the course of the 2 weeks, the students should be able to build up new skills and develop ones they already have. The sort of work experience I wanted to do was something to with computers, or some other type of electronic products. I wanted to do something like this mainly out of interest. I wanted to do computer work because I do GNVQ ICT; due to this I thought working with computers would develop my skills even further.

I also hoped that with this work experience I would be able to get better communication skills and with this, meet new people. I hoped that if I got the job, I would find out how the computer or electronic industry works and I would find out whether or not I like that sort job. I would have also liked to find out what types of skills, qualifications and responsibilities you need for that type of job. I wanted to find out all these things because I am interested in that as a further career, although I do have some other alternatives. The placement that I got was nothing like the one I wanted.

This is because project trident could not find me a placement. So I had to get a self-placement. The only place that was not all booked up, or not accepting any more people was toys r us, this is from the places I checked. So my only solution was go to Toy R Us. The products this company supplies are all sorts of children’s products, ranging from babies to teenagers. They have got a large variety of things to suit all children’s needs. The service it provides is to families, who wish to purchase something. This store is very well set out and attractive, it has to be, as it is a children’s store.

There is also music to listen to all throughout the store, which also attracts customers. Some other things that I found out about the store are, that it started out from the United States Toys R Us and its part of Toys R Us global. I first contacted my work experience by visiting them to ask them whether or not they will accept me for work experience; this was when I was looking for a self-placement. They said yes. The next time was on my interview. I travelled by car, as the placement was not very far from my house, about 5/7 minutes drive. On the interview I wore a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

It was the same when I actually got to work; I had to wear white shirt, a black trouser and black shoes. When I first got to my interview I was very nervous, this is because I was curious mainly on how the person would be. Once I got there I cooled down a bit, this is because I found out that the person was very helpful and kind, and he said ‘ there’s nothing to worry about, just try your best and use your initiative and we’ll like you. ‘ Because the person was nice, I felt a lot calmer and was able to say things a lot more fluently and better. I think this may have helped me to get the job.

I thought that because this person was nice and friendly, everybody else would be as well. I was right. On the first day I was surprisingly nervous, this is even before I arrived to work. As soon as I woke up, the feelings were different. On arrival to work I had to sign into the visitors book and go and meet john plumber, who is a manager. But he was away, so a lady called Becky was there instead, she is also a manager. Straight away Becky introduced the other members of the staff. When I first met the workmates I was nervous, because I did not know what sort of people they were.

But I soon found out they were friendly and helpful. After this Becky showed us where the staff room was, this is also the place we had our 2 fifteen minute breaks and if you stay in the building, lunch as well. Once we where in the staff room, there was a place to keep our coats and bags. We put are things away, then we were told that we have to wear the toy r us t-shirt. This came to a surprise to me because I thought that as we are only working there for 2 weeks, they would let us wear a different shirt or something like that, and also, on the interview we were told to wear a white shirt.

We got changed then we were told to go downstairs to a meeting. It is actually called a ‘briefing’, at this briefing; the members of staff discuss what profits they made the last day, and what their aim is today, this happens everyday. They also discuss which area is better, and which they need to target more. Once the briefing was over, the first job I given was to stack games on shelves. This straight away did not give me a good impression, as it sounded like a boring job. But then luckily something exciting happened. As I was doing this, a suspicious looking man came in, my supervisor and I both spotted him.

So my supervisor told me to keep an eye on him, whilst he made sure the man was on camera, just in case he did steal. I personally thought that this ordeal was very strange, this is because, I did not think that I would have been given so much responsibilities on the first day, with out training, it came to a real shock to me. Nothing was stolen in the end. After that I had to put tags on all the games, the tags said ‘this box is empty’. I had to put tags on all the games because I was told that recently there have been a lot of thefts. I had to put stickers on about 200 games. This was very boring.

Following that I had to stack more games on shelves. The labelling and stacking games was very boring, as it was just the same thing again and again. We then had an induction. We had an induction late because all of the manager’s were busy. In the induction we were shown videos about health and safety, although these videos were rather boring, they were very helpful and taught me a lot about health and safety around the store. We were then given a speech to summarise it all up. This all took about 45 minutes. We then had to fill in some forms that show that we understand healthy and safety issues.

This had to be done because they had to make sure we knew what’s right and what’s wrong. Followed by this we were given a tour around the whole warehouse. Including storeroom, etc. we were also shown what to do in certain areas. Becky was the one who was showing us around, she showed us the entire work place. The place was huge. It was then lunchtime. At lunchtime I went out of the building to eat. Each time you enter and exit the building, we had to sign the visitor’s book. This was because just in case there is a fire, they want to make sure everybody is safe. After lunch first I had to clean up the games section of the store. E. g.dusting.

Once I had done this, my supervisor taught me how to use the phone. (The intercom system). This is a useful system because it saves you walking around the whole store looking for someone, all you have to do is say the persons name and the area you’re in, and the person you’re contacting comes there. To my surprise I then answered some customers phone calls, this was even more shocking to me then the robbery incident. Mainly because it’s a huge responsibility taking customer calls. Customer’s calls are very important to the company, so I had to make sure I did not say any thing wrong, as doing so, could cause great trouble.

Although I was vastly under pressure, it was not too bad because, my supervisor said: ‘ if you don’t know the answer to a customers call, just pass the call on to another member of staff’. I then had a fifteen-minute break, which was in the break room. In the break, I had a cold drink, which made me feel a lot cooler and relaxed. For the remaining hours or so I was told stacked more shelves. This is how work was on a typical day, although on some days, they gave slightly different jobs, with different training. For example on day 2, I worked in the workshop and built a desk and a bike, that was quiet exciting.

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