DACA, also known as “Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals”, protected
young immigrants from deportation and gave them the ability to work in the
United States (Undocumented Student Program). As of September 5, 2017, the
Trump Administration ended DACA leaving hundreds of thousands of undocumented
immigrants at risk for deportation. The American Dream has always been a huge
part of the identity of the United States. For more than a century, immigrants
from all over the world have been drawn to the United States by the promises of
success and opportunity the American Dream has proved over time. Given the
chance, I would ask a federal level legislator what is to become of the future
dreamers in hopes to better understand the ending of DACA and the possible passing
of the Dream Act.

Since the ending of DACA, people have been hoping that Congress will be
able to pass an Act, such as the Dream Act, to help better protect young,
working immigrants in the United States. If I could ask a legislator one
question, I would ask what they think the future has in store for future
dreamer because as of right now, the Dream Act does not seem too likely. I
would ask the legislator how the dreamers will be affected by the Dream Act/end
of DACA regarding the chances of the Dream Act being passed, the possible end
of the American Dream, the economy, and family lives. All of these questions
are very relevant to the alarm and unanswered questions that surround DACA and
the hopes of the Dream Act being passed. I would want to ask a legislator these
questions because they understand the bill better than I do, so I would learn
something very important from the answers given to me.

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Conclusively, I would want to ask a legislator about the current DACA and
the Dream Act to learn more about current events and about the future of the
dreamers. This is important because it is legislature like this that either
creates or destroys the identity that America has as a place for opportunity.

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