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Short Assignment 3

do we

beginning of our existence was such a long time ago no one can truly track down
the origins of where humans came from.  Expert’s
state that humanity has been roaming around since 6 to 7 million years ago. We
don’t know exactly where we came from or why do we exist.  Science nor religion can really explain where
we came from or the purpose for our existence. There is no hard-visible proof
that can demonstrate or that we can experience to show what is real and what is
not.  Humanity is just insignificant, we
are not the center of the universe. Our world is but a speck of dust on the
galaxy, were we are one of the infinite amount of realities and possibilities.  What lies hidden in the black depths of space
is unknown and the unknown is unimaginable.

     The universe is basically irrational and
meaningless but as humans we are desperate to find reason and meaning in it. Our
lack of knowledge leads us to seek answers for questions that our minds can’t
even comprehend.  When we eventually
learn too much about something that we are not supposed to find out. It leads
us to enter a room of foreign knowledge. We shouldn’t seek any further then
what we are supposed to know, because it may eventually lead us to be unhappy
and have pain. This new knowledge takes us to a path of the unknown, where we
try to justify everything we learn and question what we already know.


     We are perpetually frustrated by our
floundering attempt to find meaning and purpose in our own life. We cannot
accept the fact that we are created without a purpose. We try to backup and
justify everything that we do scientifically by making research and having a
source of proof when in reality is meaningless, because we don’t know for sure
if we know the truth. We try to apply meaning, to something that matters to
only us and leave other things to the unknown. Science allows us to make some
sort of sense of the universe, through formulas and theorems, but we as humans
are left confronting the break arbitrary nature of our own existence. And
science can only reason away any sense of sanctities and emotions and turn
human experience into something meaningless. Humans need to accept that their
existence is meaningless and that we are born without a purpose. We are
meaningless and everything else that we do is meaningless.

     Jean-Paul Sartre postulated that “every
existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and
dies by chance.” Sartre is aware of existence as it is, when it has been
stripped of any of the prejudices and stabilizing assumptions lent to us by our
day-to-day routines. In short, life becomes essentially strange if ripped of
the principles that our daily lives are based on. We all have different
principles, our principles come from our culture, religion, values and
traditions. If we don’t have this principles and prejudices in our daily lives,
then what do we stand for? We re nothing without them, when they are taken away
from us we can come to the realization that what we believe, and value doesn’t
really matter. H.P Lovecraft created the idea of cosmic horror, the terror of
that which is outside our grasp to comprehend. In a multiverse beyond our
comprehension with an infinite of possibilities; our values and meanings can
start to slip away but we really shouldn’t think about it.

     The trapping of our own daily live routines
covers up the meaninglessness of our existence. We constantly distract
ourselves with what really doesn’t matter but rather what is important to us.
As said by Mr. Peanut Butter (from the Netflix Series Bojack Horseman) “the
universe is a cruel uncaring void, the key to being happy isn’t to search for
meaning it’s to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and
eventually you will die.” A key way to cope with the anguish of meaningless sad
world is to distract yourself with unnecessary activities that we love. That is
not to say that what we do is unimportant but what matters to us in this world
when we are alive is only significant while we are existing. This crisis of
values of our meaning in life is taken up by the pure rationalism of the
universe and furthers the feeling of insignificance of our own lives. I don’t
think we should be terrified of our insignificance but laugh it off and embrace
the absurd of the emptiness and meaningless of our existence.

     In Christian religions it is often said that
God made you with a purpose. Even the best-known Scientist emphasize that without
our religion and our beliefs on a higher powerful spiritual being, we really
can’t find the answer for the meaning of our existence.

is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this
question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in
putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow
creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for
life.” (Albert Einstein)

Even the smartest man in
the world could find the meaning of our life through science, he was one of the
few scientist that didn’t turn atheist. And firmly believe that the God that
brings you to the world and gives you free willing choice, had a purpose for an
individual science birth. But you didn’t ask to be born or to be created a
certain way; you were just born into a world. As said by John Milton in
Paradise Lost “Did I request thee, maker, from my clay to mold me man, did I
solicit thee from darkness to promote me?” This basically questions the meaning
of existence and the creation from the creator. I believe that we are born
without meaning and purpose but instead we create our own purpose for our
existence. We often see this Frankenstein complex where we resent our creators
for bringing us into the world. When we try to find meaning for our existence,
but we really can’t find the reason of our purpose we turn against our creators.
The creator that brought us into existence and that gave us freedom.

     Humans are condemned to be free. Condemned
because he did not create himself yet is nevertheless at liberty.  In this world he is responsible for
everything he does. When we do find ourselves to be free we don’t know what to
do with that freedom.  We are responsible
for our actions when we are giving free choice; when we choose to do wrong
there is consequences.  In a way freedom
is not free.

     We often do choose choices that affect us
negatively. When we do something that is wrong, we don’t want to admit it and
we often blame it on a higher power like a God. We don’t tend to accept our own
mistakes instead we try to justify what happens to us by claiming that
something or someone caused it. When we do something wrong and we recognized it,
but we still continue do it’s even worse. It shows that you really don’t want
change because it’s easier to continue with the bad decisions and not care
enough to make a difference. Why do humans commit actions that they know are
wrong? Because we are cold hearted, selfish, greedy human beings. We are
responsible for our own happiness, we want to escape reality from our own
terrible choices, but we are self-destructive

     In this world, we are left to question our
own existence. Why were we born or created? Is there a purpose for existence? humans
are born without a purpose only to be created later. A said best by Alan Alda
“Life is meaningless unless you bring meaning to it… it is up to us to create
our own existence. Unless you do something, unless you make something it’s as
though you aren’t there.” (Alan Alda’s graduation speech, 1980). Only we have
the choice to be happy and create our own purpose and meaning for our
existence. We are left alone without a purpose but with the free choice of
doing anything we want to do and making righteous actions. We shouldn’t worry
about others, because society will never be satisfied. We should follow our
passions and do what we love because only when you give up everything can you
truly become happy.

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