The performance of'In the Works' consisted of five different presenters. Two of which were presenters showing off their art and work. After thefirst two presenters came the dancing, also understandably art, but a slight more moving.Thefirst piece was titled "Farwell" and choreographed by our very own Angela McDonough. The second piece was called "touched" and this was choreographed by Terence Duncan. The final piece was titled "Ear to Stone" choreographed by James Clouser, however, it was reconstructed by Mary Heller.
The piece that really stuck out to me during the night was the final performance, "Ear to Stone". I believe that this one is more prominent in my mind because it hits close to home. The movements meaning in this piece were of a couple and their struggles with fighting, marriage, drugs, abuse, and more then all that, life and forgiveness. It was more of a narrative in the fact that most the music that was used was repeated speaking that told you about their problems.
The music, or sound track, that was chosen was odd. It was nothing that I had ever heard. Other performances have music or something that has a sort of flow. This had a beat, but it was one of its own. They were mainly talking through the duration of the piece, not exactly talking, but arguing. You could tell that the choreographer wanted you to see the struggles and turmoils that this family was going through. This is why I think the title was "Ear to Stone." In the piece you can see that they aren't listening to each their and their problems. While the music is playing you can tell that they are annoyed and mad because they have to repeat everything that they tell each other because they don't. The music that was chosen was perfect for this piece and it really connected you to the characters and their thoughts and feelings. If this music wasn't used it woul

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