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tricks try new experiences dating is an experience in itself it’s scary and
it’s nerve-racking most people these days have turned to dating apps to help
them meet new people from tinder to bumble it’s like a new dating app pops up
every day but chances are when you use these services you aren’t going to find
many people who want serious relationships when you meet a person on an app you
have no idea how they are in person you have nothing to connect with other than
the fact that you both have the same app downloaded on your phones to ensure
that your date goes a bit smoother try to meet people in another way join a recreational
sports team that way you know that you at least have one thing in common or you
could try joining a club that interests you by meeting on common ground even
sure that the two of you have at least one subject to talk about which will
inevitably lead to more lively conversation meeting people this way also takes
away some of the stress of a first date you already know the person from your
club or sports meetings so there aren’t as many first date jitters as there are
when you are meeting a stranger off of an app for the first time and it is a
much better story to tell your kids looking back that you met your husband at a
kickball practice rather than my swiping right isn’t it hey guys we are so
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section you love to hear from you see you there let your friends set you up if
you’ve tried going out to bars to meet people then you know what a battleground
that can be everyone in the room is looking for someone but most guys there
aren’t actually looking for anything serious and if you do meet someone you
like at the bar you run the risk of having the same problem that you would if
you had met them on an app you don’t have anything to talk about here’s a pro
tip to skip some of that awkwardness let your friends set you up with someone then
they have already done all the pre-screening for you by letting a friend match
you with one of their friends you avoid all the weirdos out there your best
friend isn’t going to send you out on a date with the person that you have
nothing in common with is she probably not so as far as the compatibility scale
is concerned you were much more likely to mesh then with a stranger that you
picked up at a bar or on tinder your friends have your best interests at heart
you go to them for help in picking out outfits why not dating help to just try
it once and we promise this will become your go-to method of dating don’t ask
too many questions when going on a date with someone it is important to get to
know them you have to make sure you aren’t sitting across the table from a
serial killer or a guy who’s already in a relationship naturally when we are trying
to get to know someone we ask lots of questions well studies have actually
shown that asking too many questions on a first date could actually backfire on
you researchers at Stanford University wanted to test what made dates go well and
what made them tank so they analyzed almost 1,000 4-minute speed dates they found
out that if you asked too many questions your date may not like you as much as
they normally would the studies show that the couples who asked more questions
during the date felt less connected according to the author of the study dan
mcfarland PhD asking too many factual questions like where the person is from
and what their hobbies are actually makes people feel detached basically it
makes a date feel forest so when you want to get to know someone ask them a few
questions and then just sit back and see what happens gives them a chance to
talk before you just go down your list you want to ask they promised the other person
will thank you don’t smoke when it comes to dating and choosing a mate smell is
of the utmost importance after all who wants to be with someone if they have to
plug their nose so if smell is so important then it pretty much goes without
saying that smoking on a date is a no-no to test this theory out over 1,000
match.com members were surveyed the participants included smokers and
non-smokers 57% of those surveyed said they would never date a smoker what’s
even more surprising is that 60% of smokers even had reservations about dating
other smokers if you are a smoker then it’s probably best to just keep your
habit at home and not interrupt your date for a smoke break not only is leaving
to go smoke quite rude but it is also apparently a very big turn-off even if
the other person smokes they still may not want a partner who does with that
being said it’s probably best if even just in the beginning of the relationship
you either try to cut down on the smoking or quit altogether it won’t just be
good for your dating life your lungs will also thank you and all your clothes
will smell ten times better and like we said that could just make or break your
potential relationship don’t pretend to be uninterested somewhere along the
line people started getting the idea that being uninterested was a good thing
no one wants to seem too excited about anything these days like it’s cool to be
nonchalant but when it comes to dating playing it cool could actually have adverse
effects according to research published in the Personality and Social Psychology
Bulletin responsiveness and niceness increase how much people are attracted to
you one study tested 112 single college students who are told to discuss a recent
negative interaction with a stranger of the opposite sex they rated that
person’s responsiveness and attractiveness among other things the women did not
necessarily rape the more responsive guys as more attractive but for men it was
the complete opposite they were more attracted to women who seemed responsive
to them if you are on a date and would like to go on a second one with that
person it is probably in your best interest to make that clear pretending to be
uninterested in him will come off as rude and cause him not to invite you out
again after all who wants to sit through a lunch with someone who isn’t paying
them any attention or some selling at them so when it seems like your date
isn’t getting the hint that you are interested you should make it clear and
tell them tell a vulnerable story what makes you want to turn a first date into
a second or third the connection that you have with the person right looks can
only go so far being attracted or attractive to someone is only enough to
secure first date but from there your personalities need to match the best way
to get someone to want to see you again is to form some kind of tangible
connection with them stand out from all the other people that they are seeing
by letting them get to see you for who you are one way to do this is by telling
some sort of vulnerable story did you go through a hard time that made you grow
as a person recently maybe tell them about it now you don’t want to get too
deep and dark he is still a stranger after all but letting people in is a great
way to build a relationship you will know that you have done a good job if they
share something with you in return don’t believe that this trick works just try
it out on your next date pick a story that you are comfortable sharing and go for
it we can almost guarantee that this will lead to another Meetup be touchy so we’ve
been talking about connection and how important it is to form one with the person
that you want to date but if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your deepest
darkest secrets with them just yet then rest assured there are other ways to
build that intimacy that you want psychological studies have shown that being
touched by someone will unintentionally increase liking for that person so when
you are out with them make sure to touch them whenever possible for example if
they make a particularly funny joke reach out and slap their shoulder lightly
while you laugh or if they are telling a story that you find touching pat their
shoulder or rub their back now of course you don’t want to seem creepy so you should
probably try to gauge the reaction after every touch do they seem annoyed that
you are touching them if not then keep it up this is a great way to determine
if they like you and show interest in them at the same time it also starts to
unconsciously form a bond between the two of you which is exactly what you
wanted all along try it out on your next date and let us know how it goes in
the comments get him to hold coffee when it comes to wooing the opposite sex
there are a lot of tips and tricks that have been around for decades make eye
contact smile at him etc though we are about to give you a tip that we can
almost guarantee that you have never heard before if you want a guy to see you
as a warm person get him to hold some hot coffee seriously according to Ruud
Custer’s a psychology professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands when
you get someone to hold coffee or other warm drinks they will see you as a warm
person the rule also holds true with cold drinks if the person is holding something
cold they may unconsciously see you as colder warmer rooms are likely to have a
similar effect Ruud says that if the environment is hot the guy is more likely
to think that you were hot apparently when we have certain words like hot and
warm in our heads we begin to associate them with the people around us meeting
up with your crush in a warm coffee shop seems like the best of both worlds if
the guy you like has some personal vendetta against coffee then just try to
steer him away from dates and colder areas and you should still be fine wear
something smooth or fluffy so we have mentioned how important touching is it
creates an unconscious bond between people but what you might not have heard is
how important it is for you to look touchable a study in the science journal found
that people respond more to smooth or fluffy things in the study participants
were asked to put together puzzles with a partner the participants reported
that the process went less smoothly in situations where the puzzle pieces were
covered in sandpaper this phenomenon has to do with word association again when
you are looking at scratchy or itchy things you start to put those feelings
onto the person with you you can apply this knowledge to the dating world by
making sure that you don’t wear things that look like they would be irritating
or unpleasant to touch try putting on a fuzzy sweater or a nice silk blouse
both of those materials feel great against the skin you can also use this trick
to shape your environment don’t go on a date to places with uncomfortable
chairs try to go somewhere with nice fluffy couches and a warm inviting
atmosphere if the person you’re dating is going to associate the room with your
personality then you should always pick a room that shows how you want to be
reflected so cozy restaurants are always a good choice don’t wear too much
makeup most girls love makeup there are so many fun products to try out and new
applying techniques are popping up on YouTube every day how could you not love
it but when it comes to getting the attention of a guy it might be better to go
a little bit lighter on the contour st. Ives conducted a study of 1,000 women and
550 men to determine if men even liked the makeup that we spend forever doing the
study found that 40% of men think that women wear too much makeup and 45% of
men said that all the makeup that women wear turns them off the men were also
not fans of Big Ten’s 33% of men claimed that that was a turn-off in the study
the guys also said that they didn’t like red lipstick or fake eyelashes all of
this just goes to show that a lot of males like women to look more natural the
next time you go out with a guy maybe try skipping the sharp cat eye and the
bold lipstick opt for a more natural look and see what happens not only will
you save money on makeup but you will save time that’s because you won’t have
to go through a long arduous makeup routine every time you want to meet up with
your guy it’s a win-win that’s it for 10 genius dating tips and tricks thanks
for watching for more like this watch 10 things girls do that turn guys on  

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