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Annie Mckee says that most people have had
experience with someone who is incompetent, or at least unhelpful. True to this
adage, everyone from time to time, or even every single day complains from his
or her bosses. In fact, it is always the topic of everyone in the canteen.
Complaining one’s boss is always the favorite past time of each and every
single employee and/or individual in different works places and organization
around the globe because bosses are generally inept rather than more evil in
some ways.


Having an incompetent boss make us so
stressful every day and every hour. Even a minute or two in the office with him
or her sound so frustrating but we cannot sigh out our complains because he or
she is still our boss and we are afraid to get a memo from him or her because
of complaining or he or she might hold a grudge on us for doing so.


Moreover, dealing with incompetent bosses
were really a very tough and unhealthy work for us because every day of our
life we are succumbed by negative emotions and frustrations and it really
uncomfortable for us to deal with. and we cannot stop the company in hiring
such bosses like that are incompetent because we all know that when they apply
they are skillful and competent enough but the fact will still remain that time
flies so fast and in-competencies could be acquired as it depends upon the
situation or rather as it depends on the attitude and character of that certain


On the other hand, leaving because of an
incompetent boss is not the solution or not a good option for us but rather we
should learn and widen our mind on some process and aspects on how we should
with our incompetent bosses and first to consider in dealing with our boss that
incompetent is to understand why they become incompetent because there might be
factors that our boss become incompetent because also of us or that because he
or she has so much to handle or any other environmental or social factor that
affects his or her behavior and become that incompetent. Next from understanding
them is the process of asking help from other people, co-workers, colleagues or
peers in the organization that knows our bosses longer than we know them for
some advice on how to fully understand them and deal with them in a rightful
manner because we all know that doing these is the only way to make it work not
according to what we really want but according to what it should be. For we
cannot step up, develop ourselves and take good care of ourselves if we won’t have
made all these things possible for us or if we could not pay attention to these
helpful tactics on how to deal with our incompetent boss because we also know
for a fact that, we are all human being, so as our bosses, they are not that
perfect not to be incompetent but rather accept them and deal with them
rightfully even though they are that incompetent.


Hence, dealing with our incompetent bosses
takes for a matter of good communication, deep sense of understanding, and a
huge bowl of patience because with these we could not endanger our health due
to stress and so much frustrations because of his incompetence’s rather there
would be a minute possibility that our bosses could change even just a little
bit or if not at least we know where we should stand and what we should do in
order to protect ourselves from the verge of psychological distress.  For the less we respond to any negative
people, the more peaceful our life will become. Just like what the Leonardo
Wilhelm DiCaprio said, be thankful for a hard time, for they have made us.







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