Dear Sir/Madam,


I’m writing this letter to expose my eagerness for the
enrolment on Master Programme in “Computational Social Science” in your
well-known institution, Linköping University, Sweden. My name is Mr. Foyjul
Karim Moslu and I am graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from
Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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I preferred this institution based on some particular
reasons. First of all, the standard of education of this University is undoubtedly
praiseworthy inside and outside Sweden. Secondly, the location of the
university is so fascinating that every student enjoys studying there. To truly
say, Linköping University has a dynamic campus for all kinds of students for
meeting, studying and sharing their ideas, views, knowledge and experiences. Especially, the students
have a lot of scopes to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of science
and technology in this university. On the other hand, this institution is ISO
14001 certified for creating a congenial learning environment. So I would like
to study and prepare myself in your university.


The key factors influenced me to persuade this
programme are that Master Programme in Computational Social Science from Linköping
University will make me an efficient, skilled and expert engineer to cope up
with contemporary global world, particularly in ICT arena. It will definitely
enable me to play a vital role in IT sector wherever I will be engaged.


Remarkably, I love and
feel comfortable to work on data. The resulting effects of completing this
degree could be very positive. Holding a position of a decision making
authority in any corporation would become easier for me. Successful completion
of this degree would qualify me to work in any private or public organization.
Most probably after that I would like to go for a PhD degree.


I possess a range of qualities
as my strengths and weaknesses. I am very hardworking person and my secondary,
higher secondary and BBA results are reflects of it. I am very determined and
also a perfectionist. Whenever I do any work, I always try to do it perfectly
and try to make the best outcome. One of my biggest weaknesses is, sometimes I
take too much time to do a work as I want to make the result best. Another significant
one is I am a person with little emotion. I take decisions based on reality not
on emotion. Lastly I got easily furious whenever I notice any indiscipline or
violation of rules.


Therefore, I think
most of my interests and abilities that I mentioned would help you to evaluate
me properly. I am waiting for your positive response and hoping to become a
student of your University.







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