Dear Governor Wolf:

I write to urge you to reconsider your
plans to raise the overtime pay threshold by circumventing Congress and issuing
yet another burdensome regulation on Pennsylvania businesses without the open
debate that they deserve. As the Representative for Cumberland County, where
the health care industry and large retailers have thrived for so long, and as a
small business owner myself, I implore you to suspend the Department of Labor
and Industry overtime rule change so that Congress can debate the issue and
write the necessary laws to update our state’s overtime rules.  

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The people of Cumberland County elected me
in reaction to burdensome regulations such as these and so they would have a
voice fighting to cut the red tape that prevents them from being prosperous.
The workers and business owners that I represent have told me that they are
tired of being priced out of the workforce and having to comply with costly
rules that impact investment. These are people best positioned to know the
limits that government regulation has when it comes to improving economic
opportunity for workers.

It has been openly acknowledged that such
a rule would force employers to convert salaried employees to hourly wage
arrangements, taking away workplace flexibility and the right of workers to
willingly work more hours to produce products their place of employment depends
on to stay in business. It has also been admitted that businesses would likely
hire fewer workers to reduce the costs of this regulation.

I must ask why a state that has such
potential and that is currently being held back by an already crushing
regulatory environment for business would issue a regulation that was previously
attempted at the federal level and was rejected by federal courts and sent
outrage throughout the nation that was felt at the ballot box in 2016. With the
recent tax reform and other regulatory reforms that I have led the charge on in
our state, it’s imperative we remain on this path to prosperity to be a
competitive economy that attracts entrepreneurs and investors.

I request that you reconsider your
decision and immediately rescind your order to the Department of Labor and
Industry so that the General Assembly can continue our work of deregulating the
economy for Pennsylvania’s businesses and workers. 

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