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I had the
pleasure of teaching Rokaya Elhalawany since her grade 10 grade honor Physics
class at STEM Ismailia high school. In addition to, advising her in programming
and probiotics club which was her initiative.

 I am
not surprised finding out she is currently ranked as one of the top of extraordinarily
capable seniors class. Rokaya has a keen interest in and a great passion for
physics, mathematics, mechanics, and scientific inquiry. Her background, knowledge,
and her advanced skills make her an ideal fit for your rigorous Physics

Rokaya is a creative,
perceptive, intelligent, sharp, brainy, and quick individual with a critical
thinking mind and a high aptitude for physics, Astronomy, and science. She has
always enthusiastic about driving to understand how everything work, whether
they be my out of date tools, or the forces that attracts her body towards the center
of the universe, or towards any other physical body. Rokaya has always wanted
to know what, how, when, where, and how about every and thing around her. A lot
of question marks running wild inside of her mind. However, she had never left them
without appropriate answers. Rokaya is just the type of curious student that
helped make the classroom full of energetic power.

To indicate more
about Rokaya, Students were asked to compete a research under any fields of
science. She chose to go with the field of physics, her final project in class
was especially incredible for her age, an investigation of laser action for the
plant drought, an idea that she said was inspired by while she was reading a reference
book for laser activities. She’s been an effective leader in programming and Robotics
Club, keen to share her knowledge with others and gain new experiences and skills.

Rokaya had asked me to review the content she wrote for the “Egyptian research
in the field of physics” I have amazed that she could join such a perspective,
ancient, and honorable research group. She impressed me with her ability to be
articulate about different and complex concepts and texts, I could see her passion
for, writing and reading- both in and out of the classroom. I used to see Rokaya
always with a book between her hand.

personal power are as interesting as her intellectual achievements. She’s an
active, outstanding presence in my class with a unique sense of humor. I observed
that she is a strong leader while working in a group, but she also realizes how
to step aside allowing her colleagues to take the lead. Her mature personality
and openness to feedback means she’s always willing to learn and grow up as a
learner, a powerful strength that is to serve her extremely in college and


Rokaya land some of her colleagues led an initiative aimed to give the junior
students classes in subject which they found difficulties in, Rokaya was
responsible for the physics classes which made me notice her willingness to
supports others in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, I came to be more
proud of her when I knew that she is a physics tour at Quash Egypt, she highly
deserves to be.

And last but
not the least, I proudly accepted Rokaya’s request to be her Physics Olympiads
instructor, and nominated her for it without hesitation. I am confident she
will strongly fit into the competition with a high rank.  I additionally  was Roakaya’s instructor while her
participation in NASA space competition.

Rokaya has
my highest recommendation for admission to your program. She has performed perfectly
in all that she plans to do, whether it’s accomplishing an assignment, supporting
others, or expanding her knowledge in Astronomy and Physics. Rokaya’s eternal
curiosity, joined with her readiness to take risks, led me to believe there
will be no borders to her mature and accomplishments in her college and her
rest of life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Concerning Rokaya Elhalawany.





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