Dear Sir, Madame.


I’m interested in applying for a Master’s degree
program in Public Relations (MPR), at such a prestigious institution as Mount
Saint Vincent University, starting September 2018. I am a Bachelors degree
holder in Business Management, in which I graduated with a 3.25cgpa out of
4.00cgpa in 2014/2015, from Binary University, Malaysia. During my bachelor’s
degree program at Malaysia, I was taught the vital role played by Public Relations
department in every successful company or organization that we see today. How
public relations bridge the communication gap between the company and its
customer. I also learnt how public relations promote goodwill.

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My three years undergraduate program in Business
Management formed the basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth
knowledge in the field of  Public
Relations (MPR), courses like Company Law, Corporate Communication Management,
Marco and Micro Economics, Business Mathematics,  Psychology, Business Ethics, Human Resource
Management, Organizational Behaviour, Managing Change and Diversity and
Leadership are a few of the  subjects
that  has given me a solid foundation in
the pursuit of a career in Public Relations (MPR).  I was well seasoned in being detailed
oriented,  having the ability to gather
facts quickly, keeping up with current trends which meant staying tuned with
current social climate  and also
understanding social trigger. These few set of skills grained during my bachelors
degree program, I strongly believe has made me  a perfect fit for this program.



My late father was a very intelligent man, dedicated
and one of the most hard-working astute business-minded people I have ever
known till date. He obtained his educational qualifications from the University
of Toronto. He was the one that inspired me to push for a bachelors degree in
Business Management at my undergraduate level, after graduating and returning
back to my home country to manage the family business, I discovered that
something yet was still missing and I strongly believe that a Masters degree in
Public Relations is the final missing piece to my career’ jigsaw puzzle. 


I have been opportuned to also gain adequate work
experience, as an industrial trainee for the Human Resource department of Nigerian
Broadcasting Commission before I travelled to further my education in Malaysia .During
my undergrad at Malaysia, I got a job as a certified agent for SEGI University
College Malaysia, were I helped the university in the marketing and recruiting
of prospective students. I gained a real life understanding about marketing,
sales and communication.

I was able to actually practise all I learnt in
class in the real world. After I returned to Nigeria in 2015/16, I gained
employment at Reddfox Nigeria Limited, were I worked under the administration department.
I  performed numerous duties, such as Preparing
regular reports on expenses and office budgets, 
Maintaining and update company databases, Organize
a filing system for important and confidential company documents, book meeting
rooms as required Distribute and store correspondence e.g. letters, emails and
packages and I was also responsible for the 
Preparation of  reports and
presentations with statistical data, as assigned. I strongly believe that my years of work experience in two different
countries and three different departments shows my versatility and  capability to work under any leadership, work
under pressure and also develop an outstanding interpersonal relationship
skills when it comes to team work.


I am very sure that obtaining a Masters degree in
Public Relations from such a prestigious University as Mount Saint Vincent
University, would empower and expand my career options in many sectors such as;
the media sector, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and
educational institutions. A Masters program in Public Relation would also help
me improve my late father’s company. With a Masters degree in Public Relations,
I would be able work as a media planner, press secretary, public relations
specialist, lobbyist, marketing assistant, speech writer, or event coordinator.
My bachelors degree in Business Management coupled with a master’s degree in
Public Relations will make me a hotshot in the work market and also open a few managerial
positions for me, such as a public relations managers, marketing managers, or
marketing communications directors. If granted admission I would love my thesis
topic to be “the influence of social media on public relations and its effect
to today’s businesses”


wish is to be granted admission into your prestigious university in the near
future, with the guidance of the experienced and learned professors at Mount
Saint Vincent university, I will be on the right track to cultivating an
independent thinking and modern business acumen which could be the key
ingredient needed for me to become the CEO I dream of.



 Sincere regards,




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