Dear Sir,

I would
like to submit my academic documents and other particulars for your
consideration to seek admission into Master in Economics, Lisbon School of
Economics and Management.

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I have
graduated from ASA University Bangladesh 23/3, khilji Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka,
Bangladesh from which I received a Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
with the specialty in marketing in the year 2014.In 2017 I also completed BA
(Hons) Business Administration from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business college, Norre
Voldgade 34,1358 Kobenhaven K, Denmark.

I took up
the Masters in Economics for my future profession as I have always been
interested in the field of Economics. I
adore so much Economics and amid my investigations period I have created
unmistakable fascination in one of its fields, in Economics. I discovered that financial matters
speak to for me an inquiry why are a few countries so rich and others so poor.
looking for the appropriate
response is without a moment’s delay testing and rousing and I trust that
further instruction at your university would be progressively that helpful for
me.Your programme Master in economics will be match with me perfectly. It consolidates my enthusiasm for
the field with extremely needful general foundation, what inspired me. Through
the program, I made a methodical investigation of financial aspects as well as
educated the efficient expository techniques to open approach, for example,

My study
regarding Bachelor of Business Administration area imparted me a pleasure of
English language. The classes which I got at my academy helped me greatly to
expand my proficiency in English.AS well as, I had to study in Microeconomics
and Macroeconomics during in bachelor.

In my
broad dream with the experience of globalization. I trust that Portugal is the
best place for concentrate the Masters in Economies as it is the noticeable
University. Additionally, I am enchanted to find that your university is
situated in one of my most loved urban areas.

my identity, I am an exceptionally mindful person. I am excited about adapting
new things throughout everyday life and to look for new encounters. I enjoy
observing the people around me and meeting others with understanding and
respect. I like
perusing English books and daily paper. I have a passion for Protogines
culture. I have a magnificent family and love investing energy with them.
They support me very much and
do their best to encourage me to take new steps in life.

I am
keenly eager to have an opportunity to study in the above-mentioned discipline
at Lisbon School of Economics and Management to demonstrate my skills,
experience, and ideas.





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