This comments no how pip metaphorically sees the sea as a ‘savage lair’ the word savage suggests danger and it brings about a cold and chilling atmosphere. The structure of the novel starts off how pips life has started with his parent’s deaths and then later on it goes into the wider world when he has grown up to be a gentleman. The behaviour of Magwhich is very much aggressive towards Pip; “Keep still you little devil, or I’ll cut your throat!” This suggests that he is violent and he brings fear to Pip when he says this, there is another suggestion that he is a criminal.

Also Magwhich threatens him to bring him food; “You get me a file. He tilted me again. And you get me whittles.” This shows his authority over Pip by pressuring him by threatening to kill him if he doesn’t bring him a file and some food. Also Magwhich’s appearance shows his behaviour, because of how he looks it scares pip straight away; “A fearful man, allin course grey, with an great iron on his leg” The words ‘course grey’ and ‘iron on his leg’ suggests that he might be a criminal. This creates a feeling of tension.

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The accent in Great Expectations is in a Kentish dialect and the style is different and is hard to read. The narrator who is Pip in his later life uses Standard English because he has grown up to be a gentleman. In Great expectations there is also symbolism. The most important type of symbolism in this is the marshes, because they are full of criminality and it is described as a ‘savage lair’, the gibbet also shows this and is also shows death and criminality.

Also the way that Pip changes classes is symbolic because when you are born into one type of class usually you stay in that class but in this novel Pip starts off in a lower class and grows up into higher class and becomes a gentleman. To conclude there are some similarities and differences; both have imagery and symbolism in them, both have figurative language, and both end in the same way because they both go round in a full circle back to where they started. The differences are that Dickens’ is more complex and hard to read and Steinbeck’s is simple and easy to read, Dickens’ is wrote in first person, Steinbeck’s is in third person and both the structure and the language are different.

I think that both openings help you to want to carry on but when they get nearer to the end they both end in disappointment because you expect more to happen but it doesn’t. To be honest I really can’t choose which novel is the best but if I had to choose it would be ‘of mice and men’ because there is more characters which means there is more to learn and find out about them.

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