The topic of death in a Rose for Emily, a short tragic story written by William Faulkner that took place in the southern town of Jefferson in the beginning of the twentief century.
Miss Emily Grierson, who is the subject of a town‘s obsession.The narrator, a member of the town, tells the story of what transpires in decaying old southern house that is always under the watchful eye of the towns people. They witness Miss Emily‘s life, her father death,her turn to insanity and the death of both her and her lover.
However, it is important to establish wath is the plot and the character and the theme in the story. They can help us to develop the topic about death in a Rose for Emily. First,the plot in this story that is simple. It begins with the Miss Emily‘s funeral in wich all the people went, and it‘s the end of a decaying of all since her father died, the house‘s and Miss Emily‘s illness.
The next part of the plot is when Miss Emily was alive. The narrator talks about her characteristics, behaviour and Miss Emily‘s conceptions about her life, taking into account that she had a tradition, a hereditary obligation ruled by her father and the colonel sartoris.
Then, we can establish the following sequence in the facts that talk about Miss Emily‘s changes such as attitude in front of the people because the story talks about the temerity that ladies had to call her, and her status as a 30 years single woman.
The town‘s people thoughts about Miss Emily such as Poor Emily, and all the things which talk about her decaying life because she took options for killing herself using poison. The last part of the plot is about M

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