Denisa Cholvadova
Number: FN
Part 1: Essay plan
(Part 1 is not awarded separate marks but non-submission means Part 2 of the assignment can gain no more than a bare pass mark.)
In this essay I would like to focus on:
• comparison of consumer society in the past and in the present,
• how it is changing with changing economical situation, new trends, new era
• what was the group clarification then and now
• what are the main arguments in
Part 2: Essay
(90 per cent of the mark for this assignment)
Describe the argument that inequality constrains a consumer society.
Word limit: 1250 words
,consumer society, post war and now, revolution, fast fashion
Bauman, seduced and repressed
Veblen, Conspicuous consumption
One can say consumption is human’s need, the only problem is where is the limit, when do we have enough? This goes back to ancient times, just our needs are changing with the time, are different. Is it necessary to have saxophone or hockey stick? For someone it is almost matter of life, for some not at all.
Many sociologists noticed how society has changed over the time. Using different terms but in general it is said that huge change came with extinction of society where everyone belonged somewhere (aristocrat, middle class, working class). In society nowadays we understand who we are only through the things we buy, ‘consume’.
Our consumption gives an indication to which culture of subculture we belong to, it defines who we are or who we want to be. Society became global. Those who lives in poverty, ‘on the edge’, can see how other people live. That can create feeling of inequality.
Let’s have a look on the UK’s society, how it has changed in last decades. In the chapter 5 ‘Consumer society? Identity and lifestyle ‘by Kevin Hetherington and Catriona Havard1 ; authors mention that approximately 50 years ago social scientists used to call UK an ‘industrial society’, as it was based on manufacturing and working class was based on cash.

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