corn, also known as “field corn” is the corn variety that often used
for producing cornstarch. It contains both hard and soft starch. Wet-milling is
usually used to refine the cornstarch. But first, the corn needs to be
inspected, and then husk it. After husking, the kernels are then being separated
from the cobs and later wash them. The cleaning process is a crucial process
before proceeding to another step. Next, the steeping process begins. The corn
kernels are being soaked with preservatives for 20 to 48 hours in huge tanks.
The tanks contain hot water with acid and sulfur dioxide. The steeping will soften
the kernels and results in fermentation. Then, milling will take its turn in
the process. The grain will be crushed, which turns it into another form that
is a paste. Since the corn germ is less heavy as compared with the hulls and
endosperm, so the germ gets skimmed off the top and the corn hulls are removed
through a screen. The endosperm in the form of a slurry is what we have now. To
get pure starch, high-speed centrifuges or hydrocyclones and cleaning by
washing need to be done to remove the lighter protein from the starch. The
drying process then takes its turn in the process where generally involves
removing moisture in a peeler centrifuge to remove out liquid followed by flash
drying to obtain faster result. Lastly, machines will grind the dry starch into
preferred specifications of the buyer or usually a super-fine powder and
package them to sell in the market.

corn starch can be produced by involving enzymatic process which includes
several steps of production and the enzyme preparation needs to be done because
the enzyme is being mixed before the final step of the process (washing, dewatering
and drying the starch). The enzyme involved is cellulose, or xylanase, or can
be the combination of the cellulose and the xylanase while the addition of the
enzyme preparation varies from 0.001% to 0.08% by weight of the corn. The first
step is the process of soaking the corn, crushing the corn, separating and
washing the embryo. Not to forget, the process is being continued by fine
grinding, washing and drying fiber, separating and drying the protein, washing,
dewatering and lastly drying the starch. The method of the present invention as
compared to the previous steps of production of corn starch is slightly
different which comprise a step of adding enzyme preparation in the process of
separating the corn, which enhance the effect and increasing the efficiency of mechanical
separation and lowering the energy consumption, and at the same time also further
maintain or improves the yield and purity of the substance separated (He et al.
, 2104).

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