Description of oppression

can be best described as unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power. It is
on record that it is the people in power who often oppress the subjects
something that calls for proper checks and balances to be put in place so as to
make sure that the cases of oppression in the society are minimized or where
possible eliminated by all means. The oppressed groups are basically the most
vulnerable people such as the poor, women and even the children. Such leads to
unfair distribution of resources and even governance positions since those in
power will tend to marginalize the minority groups hence adding further to
their oppression. Classic cases of oppression have been manifested through
issues such as racial discrimination in the USA and the apartheid in South
Africa where the blacks were oppressed in all forms including being denied jobs
and access to some places, being jailed without fair trial and some even had
their land among other property confiscated from them by the  white dominated groups who were in power and
authority hence determined to oppress the minority groups since they had the
necessary resources and manpower to execute their agenda of oppressing the
minority groups to the fullest.

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society where oppression has been allowed to take place often has great
imbalances in terms of development and the allocation of positions. Other forms
of oppression that have become common include women being discriminated against
within the working environment by way of being put in positions that make it
difficult for them to be promoted, being underpaid for the same job where men
are paid higher salaries and wages and even being sexually harassed altogether
without nobody to fight for their rights within the working environment. It can
thus be said that oppression is not a good practice since it leaves some people
severely disadvantaged as a result of not being able to find the means of
coming out of oppression. Proper checks need to be put in place so as to make
sure that a society treats all people with great dignity and respect and above
all, equality. This is the only way through which oppression can be done away
with for a balanced society to be established.

How I benefit from the structural aspects of oppression

oppression has the features of inequality, oppression, ill-treatment and other
forms of abuse against a particular group of people in the society though not
through intentional malice but rather through realities that have been built
into a social system. For instance, the high concentration of black families in
the houses that surround the chemical treatment plants something that is not a
result of any intentional move is a classic case of structural oppression.
There are several benefits that I have gained from my learning of the various
aspects of structural oppression and they include the following. The first
benefit is to the effect that I have understood the manner in which the society
has contributed towards the establishment of an oppressive system through the
various cultural practices that have left specific groups such as women

The society as a
system is biased in the manner in which it treats its people. For example, the
women are seen as weaker parties who should only perform subordinate roles to
their male counterparts. What this has done is to create a society in which
women are powerless and totally underdeveloped in the various ways hence making
their contributions towards the growth and development of the society very much
insignificant. With this understanding, then I have derived the great benefit
of looking at the various ways through which the issue of oppression against
women can be addressed given the fact that this is classic case of how the
social system can discriminate against its own people with the ultimate aim of
making sure that such groups are kept right below the pyramid of social
stratification at all times. Such measures that the society can put in place so
as to address the issue of oppressing women can be 

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