"Detroit industry" by Diego Rivera, is a contemporary masterpiece whose elements allow one to explore the beauty of art and its different components. Its unique representation of shape and form, space and color, harmony and balance, provide a great opportunity to observe what makes art universal.
One of the ways, in which harmony is revealed in this mural, is through the quasi-symmetry, which is intentionally applied through the use of curves and angles.
In thefirst panel, harmony is achieved through the use of color. The opposing forces of light and darkness seem to meet at the center with a flourish.While the right side of the panel can seem static, the left side of the panel implies movement through the use of harmony. In the second panel, the lines present almost always end in straight angles, while the curves seem to disappear behind these angles. It is harmonious because curves disappear and angles emerge. In the left and right sides of the second panel, the angular shapes are dominant, while the curves take over at the center of the panel. In this panel, light and darkness have shifted sides in comparison with thefirst panel, and once again they meet at the center; this time duplicating the flourish at the center with fire.
In thefirst panel, the shapes are inorganic. While the left side seems structured, the right side appears to be chaotic. In the second panel, organic forms, such as the workers, contrast with the geometric shapes represented by tubes, piping, rails, and rigs. While the men, as organic shapes, are not symmetrical, they also represent curves and angles in harmony.
In thefirst panel, the harmony of contrasting values is highlighted by the rich, dark, right side and the bright and warm left side. These values contrast, yet again,first panel vs. second panel, where the warm and bright colors appear on the opposing side (as a high value), and the dark, rich colors meet diagonally (…

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