Dickens uses repetition to show movement. “you get me a file” he tilted me again ” and you get me wittles ” he tilted me again “you bring em both to me” he tilted me again ” or I’ll have your heart and liver out” he tilted me again. ” Here the convict is trying to assert his control over Pip. The fact that to get his message across the convict has to use the physical action of tilting him could show that he doesn’t have a very wide vocabulary or is very eloquent which could show he had a poor or no education.

He uses the slang for food bit pronounces it “wittles” giving the impression that he speaks with an accent. The fact that Pip works out what effect the convict wishes to have on him suggests that pip himself is quite intelligent or could possible be used to this kind of treatment when he doesn’t do something at home. Pip would be getting dizzy after being tilted back and forth so frequently and dickens manages to replicate this feeling for the reader using sentence structure incorporating the repetition of the world tilted.

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It has the effect of making the reader just as dizzy when reading it. This quote also helps to show that magwitch has control over pips situation right now which is relevant to the rest of the book in that he ends up having control over the rest of pips life by becoming his benefactor. Dickens misspells words to convey the convicts speech “you fail, or you go from my words in any partickler, no matter how small it is, and your heart and liver shall be tore out roasted and ate. ” This shows that the convict speaks with an accent as he is unable to pronounce certain words.

He also make several grammatical errors which could show a lack of education and a likeness to pip in that he may come from a poor family. The way he pronounces words makes him seem quite comical and not overly threatening. The convict seems to be under the impression that pip isn’t frightened by him. He says ” now, I aint alone as you may think I am. There’s a young man hid with me, in comparison with which I am a angel. That young man hears the words I speak. That young man has a secret way pecooliar to himself of getting at a boy and at his heart and at his liver.

It is in wain for a boy to attempt to hide himself from that young man. By calling himself an angel and creating this man who is worse than him magwitch seems to be trying to convince pip that in fact magwitch is the “good guy”. This could be because he doesn’t want Pip to think him to be evil and is trying to tell him that actually he isn’t as bad as he may seem. This is true because he turns out to be good natured and helpful to Pip in the rest of the novel. The fact that he yet again uses death as the consequence if pip doesn’t obey him shows that he is getting panicked and desperate and is running out of persuasive threats.

This could also show that the convict is scared of death which makes him appear more vulnerable and dependent on pip. He desperately needs pip to help him or he himself will die. Dickens also uses imagery in the first chapter to set the scene for the novel. ” the marshes were just a long horizontal line then as I stopped to look after him, and the river was just another horizontal line, not nearly so broad nor yet so black, and the sky was just a row of long angry red lines and dense black lines intermixed. ” Here dickens uses sentence structure to create the effect that this setting is very desolate, dull and long.

The only scenery mentioned are the sea and the sky in parallel to each other showing that they are never ending . This shows how far away tiny pip is from home and from the world he seems to be surrounded by fear and emptiness which is emphasised by the repetition of the word line and the colours pip uses to describe the setting. The colours red and black are described to be angry which gives the impression that this place is like hell. Dickens leaves the reader to ponder the connection between the pip and the convict.

“So that his eyes looked most powerfully into mine, and mine looked most helplessly into his” This quote helps to develop the plot by showing both a clear contrast between pip and the convict in both size and control but also showing a connection between the characters which is implied by the eye-contact. It shows the power the convict has over pip right now and his life late r in the story. At this point neither pip nor the reader knows the significance of this encounter but dickens subtle hints encourage the reader to read on to see what importance it has.

Dickens finishes the chapter leaving the reader questioning as to whether pip survives. ” you bring them to me at the old battery over yonder . you do it and you never dare say a word or dare make a sign concerning your having seen such a person as me and you shall be let to live. ” To have a successful opening chapter it needed to be gripping and in order to make the reader want to read on it needed to raise some questions that the reader would want answered and leave them open. Dickens successfully achieves this by leaving the reader unsure whether or not pip will do what is asked of him.

The first impression created of magwitch is that he will not hesitate to harm pip and if the reader believes pip doesn’t not die they will be left to wonder why this meeting with the convict is so important. The setting gives the impression of the gothic horror genre ” on the edge of the river I could faintly make out the only two black things in all the that seemed to be standing upright: one of these was the beacon by which the sails steered… an ugly thing when you were near it .. the other a gibbet that had once held a pirate. ” The chapter begins with pip alone in the graveyard and it ends the dame way.

The whole description and in fact the entire chapter have strong references to death, this gives the reader the impression that this is a horror style story which will make them more inclined to believe that something will happen to Pip. The setting is grim as it is a grave yard, it is raining and one of the only things that pip can see is the gibbet where the bodies of dead criminals would be hung as a warning to others. The fact that everything he sees are associate with death shows that the thought s of what may happen to him are on his mind and therefore will be on the mind of the reader.

This entire chapter helps to create a feel of what the rest of the novel will be like. Pip is also in a dilemma because if he doesn’t take the food he has been manipulated to believe that the young man will kill him but if he does then he will be stealing which he will be punished for if he is caught. Either way the consequences could be death. The gothic horror style makes the reader wonder if pip does die and what will happen in the rest of the story. In conclusion I think that dickens does create a successful opening chapter.

This is because he has a clear contrast between pip and the convict and an underlying sense of a connection between them. Pip is a likeable character which was important because if the reader liked the main character they would be concerned about him and more likely to buy the next chapter to find out if he is ok. He also leaves the reader wanting to know more about the convict and whether or not he is in fact the pirate come to life and is going to murder pip. The whole feel of the setting adds to the impact the chapter has on the4 reader and will make them remember it.

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