Life can turn out to be whatever you choose it to be, through which ever path you take, some of them are your choice, and some are chosen for you. Your actions mainly determine this. Your dreams can come true if you try, you are the dreamer. My dream is merely the start of what I experienced, the epic journey took me by no surprise, but what was left after did. The chase- chapter 2 School was hard for me as I have never settled down in one place since I was 4 or 5, for I have been to many countries and experienced far more than imaginable. It is late and the darkness is starting to surround me.

“Run for it Eleza” screeched a passing school boy. My hearts racing, I do not know what is to become of me if I do not take action immediately. I wait for my family to return, but if I do not act now, I fear I shall not survive. I ran, men as were chasing me from behind. (My mother never told me why we were always running from the police; I assumed they just didn’t like us. ) “STOP or we will have to use force! ” shouted the biggest man running. I wasn’t giving up yet, I don’t know my way around this village because I move all the time, but I did know where the forest was. If I could run fast enough, maybe I could lose them in there.

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While running I took off my bag and left it on the floor, so that I could get away faster. I think it took me about 20 minutes to loose them after that, but eventually they gave up, or at least for now they did anyway. I am lost and without my family. Being only 13 I know of merely the basic survival skills. I lay down on a moss covered rock and tried to get some sleep, as tomorrow may have more surprises in store. Forestry environment- chapter 3 I awoke early the following day, as the floor was wet and damp due to lightly fallen rain during last night. The forest was beautiful; I had never seen it at sunrise before.

Beams of light shone though the gaps between trees, birds chirped as the day arose. I was hungry and didn’t have any food as I had dropped it on my way up into the forest. I lifted up a fallen branch and ate the little bugs within, bugs and creepy crawlies may sound a disgusting morning breakfast but when you are used to eating leftover scraps it really isn’t that bad. While walking through the forest that day I came across many new animals and I learned more and more about them. I was completely lost, but somehow I found it fun living out there with no rules or restrictions.

I felt stress free for once and wanted to discover more, but as night fell I found an ancient hollow tree and rested within. Days came and went, with time not being a worry. Each day I would come across something new and wonderful; the animals became more and more aware that I pass by with no intention to harm them, so they became friendlier towards. New forest creatures- chapter 4 It was gradually getting warmer and warmer as winter came to an end. I became very aware of the changes that were happening within the forests animals; more were being born and more were leaving their families to fend for themselves.

One animal I became very fond of was the baby Deer; I woke up on a frosty spring morning and was shocked to see a baby deer helpless with no mother or father. I walked up to the animal and it was so young that it didn’t even know what danger was. I waited in a bush for a while to see if its parents would return, but no one appeared. I went up to the deer and stroked its back; it immediately chose me as its mother. As a child without a family beside me, I knew how sad the poor deer might feel, so I helped it to its feet and then stepped back and took a look at it, then said to it “I see you’re a boy, therefore I am going to call you… um …

Oscar after my little brother I miss dearly. ” Bad Men- chapter 5 Oscar and I took off together and ran through the misty morning forest until Oscar came to a sudden Holt. I didn’t know why; I think he smelt something in the air. I told Oscar to remain calm as I went to check out what was in front of us that was scaring him, just before I was about to poke my head through the long reeds, I heard a tremendous crash as men in the far distance shouted “TIMBER. ” I stepped back in terror; I remained calm so that they wouldn’t notice me. I looked around, and all I could see were animals running away into the heart of the forest to keep safe.

Some of the men were big and strong so I was not prepared to start an argument with them. They had already torn down an eighth of the ancient trees among this forest. I looked back at Oscar and whispered “its ok, we will get them back. ” So I jumped onto his back and we rode through the forest in desperation, trying to find something, anything that could help us stop these bad men destroying the beautiful forest. It was almost lunch time now, so we sat down on the soft mossy ground and looked around for any food available. Oscar had a good nose for sniffing out food and he came across a recently planted crab apple tree.

They were delicious, far better than the grubs or in Oscar’s case grass that we had been eating. I knew that people wanted to save our forest, and I would have done a petition for them to sign, but I fear that if I go back into the village I was driven away from, they might take me away. Oscar lay down on the floor by the crab apple tree and shortly after fell asleep. I was hardly tired so crept away for a while. I found a little rock on the edge of the forest and sat down; I could see what felt like most of England from up there, it was a spectacular view.

The wind started picking up, and rain was starting to fall, so I went back to Oscar, and pulled up some of the thick moss from the rocks and placed it over me as a blanket. That night I dreamt about the men in the forest and I saw the happiness on their faces as they tore down the trees, this picture in my mind filled me with anger and gave me a restless night. The next morning it felt was going to be more of an adventurous day. I thought that; rather than making Oscar scared by saying we are going to hang around with the bad men.

I told him that we are going to play a detective game where we look for clues as to why they are tearing down the land. Looking for the clues- chapter 6 I leaped up onto his back and off we went, we were sat just outside where they were camping for the night and watched them throughout the day. At about 11 or mid morning we noticed that the men were smartening up for something; I didn’t understand why because they were only going to get it grubby again. Then I looked over to my left, and in the far distance a big man with a smart suit and a sash saying ‘MAYOR’ addressed the men by saying “you aren’t doing this fast enough!

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