This work contains a great amount of symbolism and and meaning, because it is a reflection of the feelings of the author and a cause he cannot put into words. The figures represented in this painting are that of a woman, sitting in the center ; 3 men standing on the right ; 3 other men on the left ; and a woman in the clouds. The figures are depicted in typical clothing, except for the woman enveloped in a cloud, whom is wearing none. The rich colors that are used for the dirt and the faces of the people give a feeling of warmth and trust. While the distant mountains and structures are depicted in cooler colors that create a sense of distance, yet also of an incoming horizon. The painting is rich in archaeological detail and painted in a sharply outlined, linear style.
The woman that is in the center of the painingrepresents the goddess, Xilonen. Xilonen is the Nahuatl goddess of corn, she is carrying this in her arms in the painting and is surrounded by it. The bundles of corn she is holding are meant to be her gift to the indigenous land workers that are being abused by the clergy, government and military. The second woman in the painting, is in a cloud, she is flying over the three men on the left, and she is carrying a thunderbolt. This thunderbolt she is aiming at the "criminal trinity". In this case the "criminal trinity" is the clergy, the military and the capitalists. They are the enemies of the Mexican towns, and so the woman represents justice, because she punishes those that hurt the people. She takes care of her own. Her fury is well represented in the dark red color of the cloud and the bright orange in the thunderbolt. The dark sky around her adds intensity and emphasizes on this part of the painting. The land workers are represented by a small figure in the background. Also in the background there is the industrialization and machinery of the new era. Just as it is placed, the figures are meant t

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