(1) Private Universities:

These universities are based on old and conservative traditions. Their traditions have been mainly influenced by European traditions. System of specialisation and research work are prevalent in these universities and as such, only brilliant students can take admission in them. Because of the limited number of students and want of State Control, these universities have to face the problem of shortage of funds.

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This is made good by fee from the students. So, fee charged from the students is also high. The result is that the common man cannot educate his wards in these universities. Stanford, North Western, John Hopkins, Columbia, Preston, Yale and Harvard are some such universities.

(2) State Universities:

Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California and Michigan are some of the main State Universities. These Universities are aided and controlled by the State. Therefore, the number of students is more and fee charged is less than that in private universities. Only those students, who come from other States for education in these universities, pay more fees.

For them the fee is almost five times. The students of the concerned State are given preference at the time of admission. These universities provide education according to new and revised curricula based on national ideals. There is full co-operation and contact between the affiliated colleges which make joint efforts for making higher education useful, practical and public. The tendency of specialisation and research work is vanishing form these universities.

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