3. Simple hurt includes bodily pain, disease and infirmity. It may also include mental shock.

4. Hurt is punishable, when it is accompanied with other offences, such as voluntarily causing hurt, etc.

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5. Injuries caused with burning fire wood do not endanger life, and therefore, do not fall within the injuries specified in Sec. 320.

6. Where the knife injury though was on the vital part of the body, but the depth of the injury was not given. X-ray reports also did not show any bone cut. The injury was held simple. The Court convicted the accused u/s. 324.

7. An injury, which cannot be endangering to life, is not a grievous hurt, but is a simple hurt.

8. The accused stabbed with a sharp-edged weapon on abdomen of victim. The doctor said that the injury touched interior surface of the stomach, but did not touch any important organ or structure. He also stated that it could not endanger life. The injury was treated as a simple hurt.

Grievous Hurt:

1. Section 320 explains the eight categories of grievous hurt.

2. Grievous Hurt may cause endanger to life.

3. Grievous hurt is serious in its nature.

4. Grievous hurt itself is punishable offence. Punishment increases depending upon the nature of the Grievous Hurt.

5. Emasculation, permanent privation of sight of either eye, or hearing of either ear, etc. are Grievous hurts.

6. The accused fired on the neck of the victim. It resulted in bleeding for three hours. It is a Grievous hurt. The accused is punishable u/s 326.

7. An injury, if it endangers life, is a Grievous hurt.

8. The accused trusted a lathi into anus of the victim. The Court treated it as a Grievous hurt.

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