Explain as director, How I would stage Act 1 of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and how I would like it to be performed.
A Midsummer’s nights dream was written by William Shakespeare between 1589 and 1595.It is one of Shakespeare’s better known plays, and has been performed in many theatres over the years in many different styles.To me, the story of the lovers is incredible versatile, and can be interpreted in so many fantastic, magical ways, that I doubt any two performances of the tale have been the same.The story, as I see it, is almost set in two different worlds, The everyday human world, and the magical,dream like world, inhabited by the fairies.The real problems only seem to occur when the two worlds collide.I think the Idea of these two different universes is what makes this play so different, and fun to perform, because there is reason behind everything each character does, every mishap that pops up, You can just blame it on the mischievous fairies. So in my opinion, you can be as wild, and spontaneous as you wanted to be with a Midsummer nights dream.Anything can happen.
I would set my play in the Georgian era, the time of all the Jane Austen novels, tale such as Pride and Prejudice, and Emma.This era to me is very much seen as a time associated with love and romance.I wouldn’t change the basic setting of the play, it would all still take place in the woods or the palace.I would have my show performed in a proscenium Theatre, and the stage would have two stories.The top tier would be the fairy world, and the stage below, the human world.The audience would be able to see both sets at once, and would understand that the two sets obviously represent tow different places.So the audience don’t get confused, only one set would have action taking place at one time.For example, when the Lovers are in the wood, The fairy world, or the upper set, would b…

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