“Beauty is within the eye of the beholder”, a quote often used when two people have biased opinions about the beauty of something. The same theory can also be applied to the quote; “We see and understand things not as they are but as we are” as even in this case a person understands something using their own method of reasoning perception. This essay will discuss this quote further using real life examples. Reasoning is a quality that we use everyday. It is made up with a lot of different elements, which then help us come up with ideas and opinions.

In psychological terms it is a cognitive process of building up logical reasons for your opinion and belief , or coming up with conclusions. The recent news on the drop in Opium level in Afghanistan can be used as an example. U. N reported on the second of September 2009 that the production of opium had dropped by a third in 2008. People living in more economically developed countries like us may take this to be news which would only benefit everyone as it would cut down on the concentration of illegal drugs in the world.

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However if a local Afghan farmer that worked in opium fields was asked about his views, then it would be the opposite. As for the opium farmers, it would be leave them jobless and with no money to feed their families with. Therefore a student from a middle class background living in the UK like myself would take this news as something that is good and beneficial for the whole world. But an opium farmer from Afghanistan would take it as bad news, since he would have to think about how he is going to feed his family now and get his life back on track.

Another similar example from the Middle East which can be used is that of Saddam Hussein, ex president of Iraq. Who was sentenced by the US government when it took over Iraq to be hanged for killing 148 Iraqi Shi’ites in 1982. Most of the world took this as a moment of celebration since such a big leader who was responsible for all the killings and torture of innocent people in Iraq was being hanged, but some people reacted differently. When Saddam Hussein’s trial was taking place, some members of public protested against his hanging in the streets of Baghdad, Tikrit and Samara.

Even after the hanging of Saddam Hussein rumors started going around that it was an act of cowardness by the Americans. The hanging of Saddam Hussein nearly tore all of Iraq in half, with people that supported Saddam Hussein on one side and the ones that did not on the other. Perception is used to understand or process the information that is sent to our brain through our sensory system. We can only perceive things when the knowledge about that certain matter is already in our minds.

For example if someone was shown the famous painting “My Dress Hangs There” by Frida Kahlo made in 1933, it would be perceived in different ways. Frida Kahlo made this painting during her stay in America when she was missing Mexico; it has a lot of famous American monuments in the background with a national Mexican dress as the centre piece. If this painting was shown to an American resident they would probably take it as an ordinary painting, with no deeper meaning to it.

Although if it was shown to someone that was living in a country abroad away from their roots, like me then they would be able to see message that Frida Kahlo was trying to send through her painting. The painting portrays how even though Frida Kahlo was living in another country, it is just her dress that hangs there, as her heart and soul are back in Mexico. Similarly in my case, although I have been brought up in England all my life, I would still define Pakistan as my true home and where my heart and soul are.

Being from a Muslim background myself, it is not often that you get to see women fighting for their rights as some people see it as against our ethics, or as a very famous icon in the international world. Therefore when I got the chance to go to my cousin’s Graduation in the Pakistani Air Force I got to see a lot of different emotions. As it was the first time that there was also a group of women graduating from the Pakistani Air Force. A majority of the women reacted the most emotionally by crying with happiness, where as the men did not display the same kind of emotions.

This may be since the women saw it as a new step forward for the women of Pakistan and saw it as a progress. Therefore it can be said that there are always different opinion about certain issues, which vary depending on how each individual looks at it. Although all the opinions are “2 sides of the same coin”. As all the different opinions are “closely related features of one idea”. These opinions may vary depending on our ethics, the way we reason the way we perceive, and how much of our emotions we use.

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