Do you have a teenage child or friend that drinks underage? Do they have a license? These two things combined can lead to deadly outcomes.  “The teenage years often lead to an unfortunate combination of things that lead to an increased drinking and driving rate. Sometimes the newfound freedom is too much to handle responsibly and other times it’s as simple as peer pressure.”  Teens only care about how their reputation builds, thinking that drinking and driving is cool. “Although drivers under the age of 21 represent 10 percent of licensed drivers, they are responsible for 17 percent of fatal alcohol-related crashes. Approximately 2,000 underage drinkers die each year behind the wheel and alcohol is a factor in a third of all teenage auto fatalities. Another problem is that teens think one drink may not look deadly, but it is enough to cause an accident, even something that can turn fatal. Your teen may feel fine after that one drink, but it can also lead to more drinks. Underage drinkers are also more reckless and less likely to wear seat belts — 74 percent of the young DUI drivers involved in fatal accidents were unrestrained at the point of impact.” In Forged by Fire Andy Rob, Tyrone, and Bj go to a bar. They split a six-pack of beer. When they leave they are all drunk. Andy is driving. When he is driving, he crashes into a huge wall. After that the car gets on fire and everyone gets out except for Rob. Rob dies they have a funeral. Andy feels like the worst person in the entire world. After the death of Rob there was a funeral.Also, after that the new captain of the basketball team is Andy. He feels that he shouldn’t take the place of Rob. That someone else should be captain. Since the accident Andy feels like the most cruel and terrible person in the world. That is why you shouldn’t drink and drive as a teenager because not only can you hurt or kill yourself. You may also hurt or kill other passengers or friends. Some people say that one drink won’t do anything. It can’t cause an accident. It won’t do absolutely anything. About 25 minutes later they are in the hospital about to die. If your friend is driving and you guys have alcohol in the car and the friend that is driving is about to take a drink and only one drink then take it away from him and tell him/her that even one drink can cause an accident. Or you can just get out of the car and call a parent or friend’s parent to drop you off home. Underage drinkers are notoriously more reckless and less likely to wear seat belts — “74 percent of the young DUI drivers involved in fatal accidents were unrestrained at the point of impact.” DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Underage drinkers are more likely not to wear seat belts and be a lot more reckless. 74% of the young Driving Under the Influence. It is dangerous because without seat belts the airbag can kill you. The impacts that it could have is if no one wears a seatbelt when they are driving and an accident happens it could drastically lower the population of the world. The community will have fewer people. Drinking and driving for teenagers is terrible.Many bad things may happen. If you are a teenager that drinks and drives underage you can be terribly hurt if you keep doing it. Alcohol is a substance that can give you a high blood pressure. It can also cause you to have slower reactions. Don’t risk your life to drink alcohol and drive it can either seriously injure you or you can get killed from a drinking and driving accident.

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