I think he wanted to wait until Catherine and Rodolfo got home, so he could question and interrogate Rodolfo again for keeping them out late. (Even though he already knew they were going to be out late) Eddie also says to Catherine “Katie, he’s only bowin’ to his passport” Eddie is trying to get Catherine to think the worst of Rodolfo, and that he is using her – so they won’t stay together, but it doesn’t work. Eddie has many rows with Beatrice as well. They are almost all about Rodolfo and Catherine.

Beatrice knows that Eddie is over-protective towards Catherine and she tries to tell him that she isn’t a baby anymore, but Eddie says that he can’t just take her away like that etc. If Eddie had backed off, and left Rodolfo and Catherine be together, after the chair incident things might have got better. Instead he went to the immigration service and told them where Rodolfo and Marco were. This made things much worse. Right from the start you could tell that Rodolfo and Catherine were in love. When they first met they clicked, and Catherine loved everything Rodolfo did i. e. his singing, humour etc.

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Rodolfo was very comical – he could sing, was always making workmates laugh and could cook. Catherine loved this, but Eddie just thought he was gay, because he had blonde hair and could cook. Rodolfo never tried to have an argument with Eddie, and when Eddie did try to have one with him, he would just nod and try and convince Eddie that he wasn’t bad at all. One time Eddie said to Rodolfo “I know, but in your town you wouldn’t just drag off some girl without permission… ” Eddie is trying to tell Rodolfo that he has no respect in doing this, and he can’t just take Catherine away.

Rodolfo tried telling Eddie he does have respect, but Eddie just doesn’t give him a chance. Eddie also tell Rodolfo that Catherine never used to stay out late, and he couldn’t just assume that she did etc. When Eddie was trying to teach Rodolfo how to box, Rodolfo said “I don’t want to hit you Eddie” This shows that Rodolfo never did want to hurt Eddie physically or mentally. Catherine asked Rodolfo if he would marry her, and live with her in Italy because she was scared of Eddie. He was furious. He wanted the best for Catherine and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to give her the best if they lived in Italy.

He says “No, I will not marry you to live in Italy. ” He definitely doesn’t want to marry Catherine to live in Italy. He knows there is no work there, and says “I would be a criminal stealing your face. In two years you would have an old, hungry face… ” Rodolfo is determined to give Catherine the best, and is not going to let Eddie stop him. Then Eddie arrived home early – drunk. He was furious that Rodolfo and Catherine had slept together, and still thought Rodolfo was gay. He told Rodolfo to pack his stuff and get out.

Catherine says that she is leaving too, but this makes Eddie even angrier. He grabs her arm, and then kisses her. This makes Rodolfo mad and he tries to go for Eddie. Eddie pins him back and then kisses him as well – I think that Eddie was testing Rodolfo to see if he was gay, and to see if he would kiss him back. When the immigration service come to get Marco and Rodolfo, Rodolfo doesn’t speak at all, but Marco is furious at Eddie as it is him that has been causing trouble, not them. I do not think that it was Rodolfo’s fault that Eddie died.

He did not try and cause any conflict between himself and Eddie; he only wanted to be left alone with Catherine. In Alfieri’s opening speech, he says “… watched it run its bloody course” This tells you something bad is going to happen, and that he won’t be able to stop it. Eddie goes to see Alfieri many times, asking for help and advice. The first time Eddie goes to see him; he tries to tell Alfieri that Rodolfo is gay, because he has blonde hair, sings, cooks etc. Alfieri stays very professional and tells Eddie that this does not necessarily mean that he is gay.

Also Eddie accuses Rodolfo of using Catherine to get a passport but Alfieri says “Eddie, I’m a lawyer. I can only deal in what’s provable. You understand that don’t you? Can you prove that? ” Alfieri never sides with Eddie – because it’s his job to keep things under control, and to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Also if Alfieri did side with Eddie, this would make Eddie think that he was right, when Alfieri knows he’s in the wrong. Alfieri can tell that Eddie is over-protective towards Catherine, and tells him that he gives her too much love.

Alfieri knows that if it doesn’t stop something bad could happen. He also knew that he was powerless and that he couldn’t stop anything from happening. The second time Eddie goes to see him; he warns him that he can’t fight the law. When Marco and Rodolfo are in prison, Alfieri makes Marco promise he won’t do anything to Eddie. He knows if he doesn’t make him promise, something seriously bad could happen only making matters worse – especially for Marco. Alfieri then asks Marco what he is going to do, work or sit around all day.

Marco replies “(lowers his eyes. It almost seems he is ashamed. ) All right” this shows Marco feels ashamed that he has to promise not to do anything to Eddie. Then Alfieri: (nodding, not with assurance) Alfieri is not convinced that Marco is going to obey him either. Catherine changes a lot during the play. In the beginning she depends a lot on Beatrice and Eddie, but then Rodolfo comes along. They start to go out together, and fall in love, but this turns Eddie into a jealous, bitter and nasty man. He’s always questioning her, and causing arguments.

Catherine doesn’t mean to hurt Eddie, she’s starting her own life now, but he can’t accept it. Catherine is young, and only wants to have a good time, and just thinks that Eddie will get over it, but he doesn’t. He tells Catherine “He don’t respect you” Catherine is like a daughter to Eddie, he’s looked after her all her life, and now he doesn’t want to let her go. Catherine loved Rodolfo right from the start, when he starts to sing, Eddie tries stopping him but Catherine says “Leave him finish, its beautiful! He’s terrific! Its terrific Rodolfo”

Catherine thinks that Rodolfo is wonderful, and because he sees that she likes it, he tries putting him down. Beatrice tells Catherine many times she needs to grow up, because she can see that she acts like a baby around Eddie too. She says to Catherine, “Well you can’t do it. Or like you sit on the edge of the bath tub talkin’ when he’s shavin’ in his underwear. ” Catherine tries to explain that she wanted to tell him something, but Beatrice tried to explain that that’s no excuse by saying, “I know honey. But if you be acting like a baby, and he be treatin’ you like a baby.

” Also Beatrice tells Catherine that she welcomes Eddie like when she was twelve – running and flinging her arms around him, and she shouldn’t be doing this now. I don’t think Catherine was responsible for Eddie’s death, although maybe if she had been a little more grown up and hadn’t been such a baby – maybe he would have been able to let her go and live her own life… Beatrice was always warm hearted, kind always there for anyone when they needed help etc. When Marco and Rodolfo came she wanted the best for them – and was even ready to give up her own bed for them.

She knew Eddie was jealous of Catherine seeing Rodolfo; and because he cared so much for Catherine, this made her jealous too – but she didn’t show her jealousy the way Eddie was. Beatrice tried talking to Eddie about it, but it almost always ended up in arguments. Beatrice said to Eddie “When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? ” Eddie and Beatrice had not been acting like a normal married couple. Beatrice doesn’t feel like she used to either, she says “When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie? ” They haven’t been acting normal around each other, and Beatrice thinks that Eddie doesn’t like her anymore.

“What’s the matter, Eddie, you don’t like me, heh? ” They were not sleeping together anymore, and whenever they spoke it would either be an argument or something to do with Catherine. I do not think that Beatrice was responsible for Eddie’s death because, she only tried to warn him about letting Catherine go. She also warned Catherine that she had to grow up, and not be so close to Eddie. Beatrice tried stopping anything bad from happening, so she was not responsible for his death. My conclusion is that, basically Eddie is to blame for his own death.

If he had left Catherine and Rodolfo be, and hadn’t been so jealous etc they wouldn’t have argued. Then because they had argued it made things worse, and Eddie got angry so he went to the immigration service. This angered Marco, causing a fight, and then Eddie brought a knife out, and was going to try and stab Marco. As an act of self-defence Marco turned the knife around stabbing Eddie. Gemma Hughes 10E 7 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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