Do animals deserve rights? Do they deserve the right be alive? The right to eat and drink? The right to have a safe place to live? For many people the obvious answer is yes, and yet animals still aren’t treated just like humans are. 

Animals are creatures that have been put on this world for a purpose, just like us. However animals can’t physically speak. Animals can’t vocally express their feelings, therefore their fate relies upon us. We’re the only people who can help them. 

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Nowadays a lot of animals live in zoos, which is extremely harmful for them. They’re forced to live in the most unnatural way, for what? Just so we can go and have a look at them? How would you like to be locked away from the outside world, put into a confined space and have people look at you? It’s completely wrong. Animals should live in freedom because it’s their natural habitat, why should they be taken away from their own homes for no reason? It is proven that animals live longer in the wild and that zoos are shortening the original lifespan of the creatures. 
Animals are kept in zoos purely for entertainment, but wouldn’t you rather them be free and happy, than locked in a cage away from their actual lives? 
You hear so many stories where animals attack humans within the zoo, surely this is them acting out? They want to be free, and we should let that happen.

Everyday countless of animals are abused, starved and killed, mainly animals such as cats and dogs. If you’re going to take on the responsibility of having a pet, surely you should love and care for them and treat them just as you would another human. However this isn’t the case for some people. People tend to take their anger out on animals, whether that’s physically abusing them or just neglecting them, it’s wrong. Animals deserve to be treated just like us, you wouldn’t even think to allow a human to go several days without food and water, so why do people think this is ok for animals? Why do people intentionally hurt their own pets just so they can get release their anger? 

We’re responsible for animals, and yet we choose to kill them? We take away their lives in order to eat them. Killing another human is illegal and don’t even get me started on eating a human? It’s completely wrong right? People wouldn’t have to think twice about it. But why don’t we consider this when it comes to animals? Why do we think it’s ok to kill animals and eat them just so we can be satisfied? It’s not right! Many of us would never intentionally hurt an animal, and yet still eat them. 4 years ago I turned vegetarian purely for this reason. I couldn’t even touch meat without thinking about what animals go through. They’re brutally murdered for no reason. Meat isn’t something that we need to survive, there are millions of vegetarians and vegans out there who are healthy, meat isn’t a necessity. 

Animals mean a lot to me, especially dogs, many of my family members have dogs, typically German shepherds. Dogs in our family are used as a source of protection, they protect us and in return we protect and care for them. Animals have been around for much longer than us, and they deserve to be loved. 

Animals do deserve to have their own rights because they’re just as equal as we are, if we can have rights so can they. They do deserve to eat and drink and they do deserve a safe place to live. The world wouldn’t be the same without animals and we shouldn’t take them for granted.

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