Does time tend
to control and influence culture? Many Canadians think ‘time is
money’. People tend to manage their time quite differently than those from
sequential cultures. Locals, need to observe time in a different light, a
way in which they remain more-healthy, emotionally strong and manages time more


 A lot of locals are physically and mentally
unfit, as in the rush of making money, they eventually forget to look after
themselves. People value material desires more than their culture and health.
They are not aware of having a balance diet, doing physical workout, relaxing
mind and soul. Further, due to technological advancements, more time on phones
and laptops and phrase like, “Fast is more advantageous” (O’Connor M) they
confront to problems like sleep deprivation, laziness, stress, shortage of
energy etc. However, earning a sum for livelihood is important, but in this
process fitness cannot be compromised.

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social life suffers and they are emotionally weak, because they are taught by
social milieu to be more productive and time efficient. They fail to build
relationships, thus lacks support from friends and family. Moreover, one- third
of the Canadians are workaholics they always see, “time slipping through their
fingers” (Keown L) so in order to achieve more in less time, they reduce fun
and give-up satisfactory life, thus become lonely and starts developing vicarious feelings due to lack of love and kindness. Never the less,
human being are emotional animals and needs a lovable support but if they do
not value their warm wishers, then the will suffer socially.


they lack cultural values and skills, due to improper scheduling of time for
themselves and family, thus can’t be informational parents. They are not able to
endorse cultural values and valuable skills to their children. Locals, always
proclaim “society in which we live influence the way we view and manage time” (Reaume
D and Fleet J) thus they can’t shape their opinions and become short-tempered
and lead towards a dolorous life. Alongside, they miss deadlines and perform
inadequate work. So they need to increase efficiency towards holistic development,
as they can’t be distracted and remain focused.


In conclusion, Canadian locals should slow
down, observe life in a more vivid way, stay healthy, more connectable to
society and manages time efficiently. The Ultimate key to happiness is slowing
down and observing your surroundings in a more satisfactory way.


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