dominance (Butler, 34). The
problems that emanate from the political systems have been blamed on the men.

This narrow analysis acts as a scapegoat for women who are too fearful to
demand their rights. Some women use their sexual orientation to justify their
lack of participation in political transformation. Some look up to the
political systems to solve their problems but unfortunately end up being
disappointed by the unresponsiveness of the system.

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            On the other hand, some courageous women although few,
realize that they have the responsibility to champion for their rights. Most of
the time, the political system is caught by surprise when they realize the
strength of a woman. A clear picture is portrayed in Moore’s V for Vendetta.

Evey, who was initially a prostitute, is tortured by the Nosefire regime. She
later learns of the activities of V who has made a resolve to go hard at the
regime. Evey becomes part of V’s movement, and although her activities are a
form of revenge for the mistreatment, she helps make the government aware of
the implications of the activities. Even in the contemporary world, there have
been movements spearheaded by women to advocate for justice just like their
male counterparts. Everyone has realized that political systems to come up with
rules that affect every member of the society, regardless of the sexual

            The only way that some governments
try to propagate their monopoly on power is through limiting the amount of
knowledge that their citizens get access to. It is not rare to find governments
that gag media freedom (Jordison, 1). It is because the media plays a pivotal
role in relaying information to people and most people tend to trust every bit
of information that is given by the media. When individuals become enlightened,
most people in power see them as threats to their rule. Such people are often
targeted, traced and tracked, so that, such people do not influence other
members of the society and poison them with their ideologies, they are usually
arrested and eliminated. Moore’s narrative is a clear manifestation of what
happens. From the play, V is killed. Unfortunately, the regime is 

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