Drama comes from the Greek word dram, which means "To Perform".The Webster's Dictionary definition for the word drama is "A play in prose or verse, esp. one recounting a serious story."Drama started with the Greeks, it was part of the festival of Dionysus, the God of fertility and wine. Women were not allowed to be on stage and it was originally just a chorus and no soloists and wasn't until Thespis to bring out one actor and make him the center of attention, that's where the word Thespian comes from.Another play write named Aschylus brought two actors and than Sophocles brought out three actors.
Roman Drama was thefirst time Comedy and Tragedy were brought onto the stage.Plautus introduced Slapstick and another play write named Terence wrote about Domestic affairs.Seneca, yet another play write, wrote about sex and violence.
Both the Greeks and Romans used amplatheaters to perform everything on and later in the Elizabethan era Theaters like the Globe Theater were introduced.The Globe Theater had a raised stage with an area on the ground where the peasants stood.The people with money sat in the seats behind the peasants.The king usually had a special seat right up on stage with the actors.The most famous play write of the Elizabethan era is Shakespeare.He wrote Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Nights Dream, and many others including Othello.He was the householder of Lord Chamberlins Men, the acting group of The Globe Theater.
Drama of today is different than Shakespeare's time in that the theaters are different and women are allowed to act.But, most of the qualities of drama today came from the Greeks, Romans, and the Elizabethan era.

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