This shows Tituba’s character as being weak and that she is obviously very confused as to why Abby has accused her of sending out her spirit to her. This is shown by the fact that Tituba asks Abby why she is accusing her of witchcraft as she cannot see why she would say that when its not true! Tituba does not seem to understand that the other characters see her as being a bit mysterious. She knows she’s different but she doesn’t understand that they see it as strange and that is why she is confused as to why they would think she’d compact with the devil. The use of a foreign and weak character such as Tituba adds a whole new side to the play.

It gives the play many different storylines it could go through just from the fact that Tituba is misunderstood and has a different background. Miller mainly uses Tituba to create more interest in the audience as they try to look into how Tituba is thinking, does she realise what is happening? From the beginning Abigail is shown as being one of the main characters as she plays a huge part in the end result of the play. The scene in the woods at the beginning of the film, “The Crucible”, gives us the first impression that Abigail is a strong character, which is then proven to be true mainly in the beginning of the play.

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Her scene where she threatens the girls shows how Abigail over-powers the other girls. The way they don’t speak up to her shows they are scared of what she is capable of doing and they don’t want to be on the receiving end of it. The power of Abigail’s character is definitely shown here by how she blackmails the girls with such a nasty threat. Abigail creates such a high amount of tension in the audience, as she is such a hard character to work out and leaves you questioning what she will do next. She seems very cunning by how she plots revenge on Elizabeth and Proctor and shows no shame of what she is doing.

Her strength is not shown just by her threats and how she betrays people but by how strong she is mentally. To be able to threaten friends and ex-lovers etc and still be able to put on an act of such a pleasant, God loving, angel like young girl to others must take an extremely strong, and evil, minded person. The other side we see of Abigail is that of a “whore”, in John Proctors words. We are informed of Abigail and John Proctors affair towards the beginning of the play when Abigail tries to seduce Proctor but he turns her down.

his shows how Proctor is not scared of Abigail, he seems to think of her as just a little “child” but he underestimates how clever and bitter she really is. He is quite strong character himself and this is perhaps what Abigail became so bitter about as she is used to getting her own way but when Proctor turned her down it brought out more of her revengeful side. Our first thoughts of Abigail are backed up throughout the play especially when she begins to turn against Elizabeth and Mary Warren.

Her more crafty side is shown by how she sets up Elizabeth for having a voodoo doll in her house with a pin placed in the stomach. Abigail then makes this doll seem like a voodoo doll by placing a needle in her side to give the impression that Elizabeth had used voodoo to make it happen. Abigail plainly shocks the audience with her cunning side here and leaves the audience with a feeling of sickness as they try to work out how someone can be so plotting and carrying on with such a vile plan when she knows the result will be of death. We only really become informed of Elizabeth and Proctors relationship in act two.

In this act we see Proctor and Elizabeth in their own home with nobody around but yet they seem to have an uncomfortable feel around them. Usually when a couple are in their own home on their own they are relaxed and have a long, interesting conversation which runs smoothly without having to make it work but as we see in this act Elizabeth and Proctor seem to just make small talk, like a new couple would who are just getting to know each other. This seems extremely weird but as we know already they are just starting their marriage over again since Proctors affair.

The tension is high in their conversation and they both seem to be checking their words in their head before speaking aloud to make sure they don’t say anything that could bring up their painful past. From this speech Proctor made against confessing on paper we can see that Proctor is not so much bothered about the fact that his name will be blackened but by the fact that it will blacken his families too. Proctor was a good family man and here we can see that he sees his families well-being more important than his own, he’d rather them be without a dad than with one and having their names blackened for the rest of their lives.

His decision was shown as being such a hard one to make after he has been brought up in a village with such a strict religion and strong belief for God. He knows that confessing to this sin would go against his religion and count against him on the day of judgement with God. We see evil in this play as mainly being connected with the devil but what isn’t as obvious is that Miller tries to show how evil comes from the actions of ordinary people. We see how Abigail hurts many people in many ways.

She uses the evil within her to blackmail, tease and indirectly kill innocent people. For anybody to be able to act in such a way they must have an evil side to them. As the play is set in a remote village with a strong belief of God and such a strict religion, the acts of evil stand out more as they are more shocking and more of an abnormal thing to happen! Also a sense of evil, which is through actions of many people in the play, is the type of evilness that is done without intent. This is such as when the judges sentence innocent people to death when they have no real proof.

Any killing of an innocent person has to be connected with some sort of evil. Even though the judges truly believe the person is guilty of witchcraft, no one should have their life taken away from them, or changed for the worse, until real proof has been found. This is the type of evil that is less likely to be noticed in the play but it is still there as Miller has tried to create a sense of evil from many different actions of the people to keep the tension high and create many dramatic moments!

Miller has created many dramatic moments, not just from obscene events such as the hangings or the hysteria of the girls, but also from simple acts such as Proctor and Abigail’s confrontation of how they feel. These are all dramatic and cause a lot of tension for the audience but they’re all from many different uses of emotions and actions. The main dramatic events came from moments of wickedness and hysteria because, as I said in the last paragraph, they were seen as being more outrageous due to the way of life in that time and were a lot more surprising for the audience.

They also seemed a lot more dramatic as they were seen as outrageous for even our day society as they were so cunning and appalling acts of behaviour. I think Miller has got his message across well of the society he was living in at that time with, the hunt for people with communist sympathies, as being just like the acts of mainly the girls and how they have been tracking down innocent people for reasons that are not always harming our society. The communists have not been harming anybodies lives with their beliefs and not all witchcraft is used for bad!

In conclusion I think Miller created his Dramatic effects mainly with the use of the girls and their obscene actions. I think he did this very well and overall the amount of dramatic events in the play was what kept the audience interested. The audience were always awaiting the next act of outrageous behaviour. It was what kept the play going and without such dramatic events I feel the play would not have succeeded in making his point about the political purity test being ridiculous and unnecessary.

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