Drew Hayden Taylors Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, our antagonist, John, represents multiple symbols. The Red-Tailed Hawk signifies his markings and template throughout life, although sporting a wreckful behavior throughout the novel. A smooth hound displays his constant tendency to move onward and explore the ambience. His impulse of hindrance upon others is portrayed by a Seagull. Finally, John forming friendships with complete strangers symbolizes a golden retriever. The Red-Tailed Hawk illustrates john’s nature to be reckless and careless on his journey through the novel. once Maggie finds out that john has taken human bones from a depository and buried the artifacts within the 300 acres of land that otter lake had recently purchased, that the property might be left alone; Maggie ragefully says, “In a couple of hours, the entire country will know the Otter Lake First Nations has a forest full of human remains” (Taylor 314). John tries to stop production on the land through burial bones from the depository within the purchased property to meet Maggie’s desires by creating the general public assume the land is culturally sacred to the native individuals. he’s rather met with hate and hostility from Maggie as she has nonheritable work from all the media attention he has attracted. The red-tailed hawk symbolizes john as a result of the animal being wreck less once searching, and since within the period of his attempt to satisfy Maggie, he’s inattentive not thinking previous time and makes poor choices to form her happy however instead accidentally makes her life additionally miserable. Translating to a later novel written by William Shakespeare, in Macbeth, once Ross tells Macduff that his whole family has been slaughtered since King doesn’t believe his loyalties pair him for attending his party and going away Scotland, he sadly states: “All my pretty ones? /Did you say all? O hell-kite! All? /What, all my pretty chickens and their dam /At one fell swoop”. (Mac 4.3.216-218). As King slowly falls into psychopathy, he eliminates any supposed threats to his leadership that lead him to send employed thugs to slaughter Macduff’s entire family as a result of the worry that his loyalties lie in different places which he’s a traitor. The king’s call to murder Macduff’s family ultimately ends up in his end as revolt is directed against him, his actions demonstrate the red-tailed hawk from his negligence created once ruling over European country. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, when john notices that raccoons have vandalized his motorbike by defecating everywhere over it while he was asleep at Wayne’s house, he falls into a pit of anger and starts yelling at them. throughout his work, he begins to form himself sound innocent by explaining the confrontation between him and it’s ascendant before of the hairy mammals in hopes they’re going to not trouble him within the future with him sardonically adding “that’s why it looked like I was cooking it. Honest! I was trying to save its life. It just looked like I was eating it. All this over nothing. Why won’t you bastards believe me” (278). The encounter shows that the raccoon have a emotion for John for feeding on their friend within the past with John trying to hide up the incident as best as he must, therefore he may be left in peace. the error the traveler created in his adolescence emphasizes his quality in his travels with the error haunting him within the modern day representing the Red-Tailed Hawk negligence in its adventures. Being reckless and careless on the approach ends up in bother for others. The Seagull represents John’s disruption to others on his progression. when Virgil and Wayne in secret witness John dispute with an oversized cluster of raccoons, Wayne functions the concept that John is Nanabush, and could be a native mythological creature capable of a huge and distinctive set of powers. Wayne explains to his kinsman that Nanabush contains a dark origin and plans to require his mother Maggie to the land of the dead as a result of the petroglyphs which Virgil discovered that John etched on a stone showing a person riding away with a girl heading west, the supposed location of the underworld. Virgil in worry and shock declares, “oh my god! I just thought he wanted to move to Vancouver with her. Mom… in the land of the dead. Uncle Wayne, I don’t want her to die” (203). Through Wayne and Virgil’s speech, johns explosive visit to otter lake is shown to be an inconvenience with him being viewed as a cuss and nuisance as a result of him sitting a threat of taking Maggie faraway from them. Matters represents however people view the seagull as a result of john purportedly attempting to steal Maggie shows how the bird pertains a victim’s good day at the beach, like how a seagull attempts to take your food from you. In Peter Jacksons Lord of the rings: the return of the king. once Gollum throws away the last piece he makes an attempt to frame Sam on the ration by putting bread crumbs on his garments once he and Fredo are sleeping. when the two hobbits awaken to note their last food supply is missing Gollum points out the crumbs on Sam and dramatically says, “Crumbs on his jackets. He took it. He took it! I’ve seen him. he is always stuffing his face when master is not looking” (Jackson). Gollum tries to blame the missing piece of food on Sam therefore Fredo can abandon him giving him an improved probability of killing Fredo and exploit the magic ring that’s in his possession. Gollum will represent a seagull since he causes inconvenience for Sam within the progression of their expedition by manipulating Fredo to abandon him inflicting him to be placed in unaware danger. In Drew Hayden Taylors novel, once Maggie is within the method of swapping a flat tire she at random acquired john enigmatically appearing asking her if she is in want of help, though initially Maggie refuses, he points out her spare is flat also, to not mention the very fact that she was removing the tire incorrectly. John then missions to take Maggie back to city, and when the task is complete, the narrator reveals the motorists true set up saying “Luckily the flat tire incident had worked out as he planned, though it took a while. He had trailed Maggie into town and out again before the tire finally blew. If he ever found himself in such a situation again, he’d make sure to cut deeper into the rubber” (91) john has intentionally given Maggie a flat tire in hopes that he would be ready to establish himself as a rescuer and win her tenderness over thus he might enter a romantic relationship along with her. His actions embody the seagull since he causes mischief to others while not regard of anything but themselves, for instance, your windshield. Difficulties during a character journey would possibly usually result in having to maneuver onward in their progression. The Smooth-Hound represents johns constant drive to maneuver forward in life inside the story. once john has dinner with Maggie and Virgil as a welcome gesture for having driven Maggie into town, he’s asked by Maggie concerning his past. John responds hesitatingly saying “I’ve been wandering across the continent for quite some time now, seeing what there is to see, doing what needed to be done. Had a bit of a drinking problem but that’s behind me. now i’m just trying to find a purpose in life like everybody else” (118). Through john’s speech, it reveals that he’s continuously moving forward in life by him perpetually traveling and never subsiding down. The motorist’ behavior in his journey to never settle will symbolize and relate to as a Smooth-Hound, they have to continuously still swim as an alternative they risk sinking. In Sylvester Stallones Rockey Balboa, once Robert gets mad at his father for getting into a match he admits to him that he’s fed up living in his father’s shadow since he’s convinced that the sole reason he contains a job and friends is thanks to him being the son of the famed boxer. Rocky loudly proclaims “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. but it is not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you’ll get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward” (Stallone). Rocky explains to his sun that the world is some arduous place and return to tell him that he needs to get up for himself and keep moving forward or life can become more durable. His speech towards his son will symbolize the Smooth-Hound since it shows a saying to keep moving forward in life from the negativity like however a Smooth-Hound swims far from death. In Our novel, once john is vulnerable and overwhelmed by Maggie to depart town for concealing human remains within the land he queries Virgil for directions. Virgil instructs him that he cannot go down a selected road because it results in the lake creating it a dead end with john smartly responding, “haven’t you figured it out yet, Virgil? There aren’t any such things as dead ends. only those that find dead ends” (337). John teaches Virgil that there aren’t any dead ends in life, solely how individuals react to them. you can continuously move forward, even though that means a tougher journey, however eventually, your destination is usually straight ahead. Similarly, to the Smooth-Hound, it should always move forward, alternatively it inevitably risks death. The golden retriever portrays john forming deep attachments simply along his progression. throughout john and Maggie’s romantic date in beer bay, john asks her if she would really like to travel skinny dipping with him, she accepts the offer, and her actions subsequently represented by the narration, “she leaned forward and kissed the man who had so mysteriously ridden into her life. and she put everything she could into it” (185). Through Maggie’s sexual actions toward john, it signifies that the motorist is capable with ease to make new relationships, particularly romantic ones. The simply fashioned affinity will exemplify johns voyage of that of the golden retriever since golden retrievers possess the characteristic to construct bonds effortlessly. In John Hughes The Breakfast Club, when a bunch of teens spends most of their detention acting all varieties of rigorous activities and forming deep attachments, Brian at random announces, “I know it’s kind of a weird time, but i was simply wondering, um, what is gonna happen to us on Monday? once we’re all together again? I mean I consider you guys my friends, i’m not wrong, am I” (Hughes). By Brian asking the cluster if they’re going to still be friends on Monday it shows how quickly all of them were able to develop a secured connection in such a small-time frame, they currently worry if they’ll maintain the relations. The groups time spent in detention represents the golden retriever as a result of friendships created during a small amount of time. Returning to Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, once Dakota confronts Virgil concerning john’s whereabouts at the pc laboratory in school; Dakota is warned by her relative to stay far away from the motorist along with her replying, “No. he’s my friend. He came over to see if i was okay. I don’t think he’s done that for you” (274). Dakota is shown to be terribly defensive of her new friend and will not enable that relationship to come to an end thanks to the short, robust bond they’ve shaped. John becoming friends with Dakota will represent the golden retriever thanks to how fast the connection was created. The Red-Tailed Hawk, Seagull, Smooth-Hound, and Golden Retriever represent Johns evolution from being damaging to forming bond-full relationships. He walks along his journey of change and progression for the better, and after having interpret the accounts, the reader will acknowledge these arrangements and symbolism reverberate throughout his or her own lives. 

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