I have recently been looking at one of Cassandre's poster designs called Dubonnet (below) that was designed in 1934 advertising wine. I think this poster is unusual because the poster has three parts to it but all represents the same theme. At thefirst stage of the design there is a man sitting at a table staring at the glass he is holding what appears to be filled with wine, as the man holds up the glass part of his arm and face becomes highlighted in a dark shade. Also, in the same stage the word DUBO stands out which is read like'Du Beau", that means something beautiful. In the second stage the lettering gradually changes to DUBON (something good), and at the same time the man now tastes the wine, again the mans body is shaded more this time moving down towards his stomach. Eventually in the last stage of the design the full brand name of the wine, DUBONNET, is revealed and the man has finished his glass of wine and helps himself to a second serving with a fully highlighted body.
To me, this design is very clever because of the way Cassandre has divided the poster into three stages to make it like a cartoon strip. I think the message that it's trying to get across is that the more you drink, the more energy you fill up with.
Another thing I noticed about this poster is that in each stage of the design he signs parts of his name just like the word DUBONNET and in the last stage he signs his name fully as A.M Cassandre, and also the background of the poster changes shades of yellow and the mans body fills in. I imagine that Cassandre had thought about this design really hard to produce such an unusual advertisement for wine.

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