to the expansion in the requirement for reacting to the changes in the business
milieu/environment with tough competition, Project Management is progressively
turning into a fundamental component in each organization. This is because of
the direct results that the organizations gain by responding to the competition
and accomplishing the target quickly to attain the competitive advantage in its
business. Evidently this increases the need for a proficient Project Manager
who has productive management skills as well as for the most part compelling
initiative abilities to lead the team involved in project.

project has a specific time span with characterized begin and end points and is
expected to complete its target with the help of both men and materials. This
influences it to clear that the project management requires productive project
manager as well as efficient project leader who can lead the team effectively
and motivate the team to accomplish the objectives inside the concurred

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The significant attributes
for a effective leadership are:



Resource allocation
and management


Motivation: The Motivation is a basic factor for the
accomplishment of any project regardless of the size of investment. This is because
the project itself needs to be completed within the given timeframe and for
this time frame the co-ordination and the management of individuals with
different abilities at one place to accomplish a shared objective requires the
project manager to motivate the people constantly. In case of highly skilled
personnel involved in the team motivation isn’t the enthusiasm to work but to
make a sentiment duty among the colleagues keeping in mind the end goal to urge
them to accomplish the objectives of the project. Thus, without effective
motivation skills project manager can encounter the issue of motivating members
of team to work together which can also lead to the issues of power and equity.

Appraisal: For the
successful completion of the project the project involves use of skilled people
whose performance is very important. Performance is a fundamental component to
encourage the members in a project. Thus, in order to adequately motivate the
people it is essential to take performance review on a periodical basis by the
project manager which will reflect their commitment to the project and add value
to their overall performance. These performance reviews are not only necessary
for the overall performance of an organization but also for each people
involved. Thus, project manager should not only conduct such performance
reviews for the project and members but also provide useful reviews to the
person grasping both the project objectives and the organization’s vision. In
conclusion, performance appraisal in the project management is essential to
motivate the people as well as they contribute to the general success of the

Allocation and Management:.
to the defined life cycle of a project, the resources deployed within the
project ought to be precise as well as help to achieve the objectives of the
project. The project regards the human resource as an asset that can be
rearranged and reshuffled inside the project groups according to the
prerequisite influences it to clear that the leadership is fundamental in terms
of resource assignment in order to effectively dispense the human resources
without the issues of biasness and de-motivation. The project manager
particularly associated with the development business ought to consider
resource designation as a major aspect of their leadership abilities.

The continuous changes,
which are basic to any extend, could influence the idea of work of the people
engaged with the project, which now and then may not be valued by the members.
So as to defeat this issue of resource allocation and set up smooth progress of
human resource inside the project, it is along these lines fundamental for the
project manager to successfully lead the members from the team.

Aside from the human
resource factor, another real component of the resource allocation from an
administration point of view is the way that the project while using normal
resources, it is the responsibility of the project manager to give viable resources
that adjusts the sharing of resources and also expands the adequacy of the
task. Besides, the way that the resource allocation ought not present
irreconcilable circumstance among the members and furthermore keep up ideal use
of the resources influences it to clear that the leadership skills are
essential for the project manager along with planning and implementation.


Planning: Planning is an indispensable part of any project. This
is on the grounds that, planning is basic to effectively deal with the project
as well as execute the phases of the project productively utilizing the resources
and the work force accessible. The way that the progress of the task starting
with one phase then onto the next is conceivable just through the leadership of
the project manager to recognize the staff for performing a particular part in
a given stage and furthermore successfully deal with the change of the leadership
and power between leaders of the teams involved in the project, influences it
to clear that the planning and control of the plan is a basic initiative factor
that ought to be controlled by the project manager.Planning and control of the plan
isn’t just fundamental to adequately lead the task individuals yet in addition
send the ideal utilization of the resources inside the project itself hence taking
out the wastage of resources. The expansion in the utilization of parallel
process and serial process methods through the Gant charts additionally
influences it to clear that the effective planning is a fundamental leadership
quality all together to adequately deal with the procedures and co-ordinate
them together at suitable focuses.

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