How does Arthur Miller demonstrate this in the play? Arthur Miller was a playwrite and he based his play on his experiences. Miller was born on October 17th, 1915 in Manhatan. His father worked in a clothing manufacturing business but it failed after the Wall Street Crash. As a result he worked as a warchouseman. Miller went to Michigan University and there he took a course on playwriting. After graduation he earned his living by writing radio scripts. Durring WW2 he worked in New York Harbour where most of the workers where Italian.

His first, professional stage play, ‘The Man Who Had All The Luck’, was a failure but 1953 he won a Pultizen prize by writting a play called ‘The Crucible’. The Statue of Liberty used to be a symbol of America’s welcome to millions of people who crosed the Atlantic to get a better life. Between 1820 and 1920 more than 4 million Italians came to America. Most of them came from the south of Italy because where they lived their land was unproductive and the conditions were bad. They migrated because America is the land of opportunities. Most of the immigrants lived in tenements, which were very cramped.

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Within one and a half miles there were thirty five thousand people living. The air was laiden with dirt and there was litter in the streets. They couldn’t get good jobs because the Americans thought they were violent and dangerous and also thought they were linked with the Mafia. They only could get menial jobs like ‘pick and shovel’. School was one of the most powerful ways by which immigrant children were introduced to the ‘American way of life’. They also had to salute the American flag. Arthur Miller shows many relationships in the play. In this assignment I am going to examine three relationships.

First, I will explore the relationshipbetween Beatrice and Eddie. At the beginning of the play you can see that Eddie has respect from his neighbourhood and from Beatrice. “….. you are an angel! God’ll bless you. ” Eddie and Beatrice are working together, but this is the only time they are working together in the play. Then there is a rift over Catherine’s first job. Beatrice explains that she has to work some time. “….. , she’s gotta go to work sometime. ” But Eddie disagrees and he says “Near the navy yard plenty can happen in a block and a half.

” This is were the rift between Eddie and Beatrice begins. If I were to direct this scene I would make Eddie and Beatrice touching each other, and Eddie helping Beatrice with the table cloth. As the play goes on, the rift between Beatrice and Eddie grows especially when Catherine goes out with Rodolfo. Beatrice: “Ah, go on, you’re just jelous. ” Eddie: “Of him? Boy, you don’t think much of me. ” Beatrice defends Catherine and Rodolfo, but Eddie thinks that Rudolfo is lying that he likes Catherine and he just likes her so he can get married and become an American citizen.

If I was the director, I would direct this scene showing Beatrice shouting at Eddie and quite puzzled at the end of that scene. I would also make Eddie feel unhappy and flustered. I would have done this just to saprk some action in the play. Beatrice and Eddie continue to differ over Rudolfo Eddie: “You mean it’s all right with you. That’s gonna be her husband? ” Beatrice: “Why? He’s a nice fella. ” Beatrice also defends Catherine and takes her side. We find out that the sexual relationship between Eddie and Beatrice has stopped. Beatrice: “What’s the matter, Eddie, you don’t like me, heh?

” If I were to direct this scene I would tell Eddie to cact in an embarassed way when Beatrice is asking him a question about their sexual relationship. Make Beatrice act frustated. Eddie and Beatrice are arguing about Beatrice moaning. Eddie: “I don’t like the way you talk to me, Beatrice” Upstairs Marco and Rudolfo are arguing over sexual problems while downstairs Beatrice disagrees with Eddie about Catherine. Eddie: “Beatrice, she’s a baby, how is she gonna know what she likes? ” Catherine’s wedding is arranged. Eddie doesn’t want to go to the wedding, but Beatrice does and she leaves Eddie.

At the end of the play they find out that Eddie has told about the illegal immigrants the Immigration Bureau. We see that at the end of the play Eddie wants his respect. He gets his knife out and goes to attack Marco, Who grabs Eddie’s arm and turns the blade into Eddie. If I was to direct this play I would make Beatrice place her body over Eddie when he is about to get stabbed. The second relationship I am going to evaluate is the one between Eddie and Catherine. When we first see these two characters in the play, Catherine is relaxed in Eddie’s presence. Eddie is worried about the length of Catherine’s skirt and the way she walks.

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