Does the acts that led to Eddie’s death and reflect on his performance and criticize whether he was a tragic hero? “A tragic hero is one who is neither villainous nor exceptionally virtuous, moving from happiness to misery through some frailty error in judgement” By Aristotle. The play a view from the bridge is one of the greatest masterpieces by Arthur Miller; it is a compelling and exciting drama, an example of a Greek tragedy (the main character dies on the fatal floor). Arthur Miller based the play in the late 1950s

About a Sicilian longshoreman named Eddie who lives with his wife and niece in Brooklyn, New York. Eddie Carbone is a good family man who is respected in his community. He was as good a man as he had to be in a life that was hard and even. We can surmise Eddie’s intentions from the opening chapter of the play in which, Eddie’s Character is portrayed in a happy fatherly way. The first dialogue of Catherine after Eddie comes from work is “Hi Eddie” this reveals the respect she has for Eddie and portrays the father-daughter relationship between them.

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Catherine tells him about her new job and Eddie replies “why didn’t you ask me before you took a job? ” which shows that Eddie is perplexed and disappointed about her taking up a job without his permission, Eddie monitors her behaviour by telling her what to wear and also tells her how to walk, this is shown when Eddie says, “I think it’s too short” referring to Catherine’s skirt this shows that he doesn’t want her to wear revealing clothes to gain inappropriate attention from other men because he is concerned with her welfare.

However Eddie’s intention and behaviour towards Catherine’s welfare can question because of his body language and actions while interacting with her. Catherine shows respect and love in a usual daughterly tactic by waiting for him at the window and patting his body but Eddie misjudges the gestures as being flirtatious towards him, which would explain why he is timid and delighted towards her.

Also in this chapter Eddie welcomes two illegal immigrants who are his wife’s cousins into his house, Marco and Rodolpho are Beatrice’s cousin who immigrated into America illegally. Eddie and his family were living happily until he Eddie is faced with a situation, which he is unprepared for, his niece falls in love with Rodolpho a blonde handsome guy who was one of the illegal immigrants Eddie has invited into his house.

From the first moment they set eyes on each other they suddenly fall in love. Eddie quickly realizes what going on from the body language and the way both lovers interact with each other. Eddie who has unbearable affection and passionate feeling for his niece feels jealous of them and tries his best to break them up and after everything fails reports the two immigrants to the immigration which leads to his death.

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